Lim Young-woong, ex-girlfriend's story + Lee Sang-hwa's tears in the song'I'll fix it' (Pongsungahhakdang)

Lim Young-woong, ex-girlfriend’s story + Lee Sang-hwa’s tears in the song’I’ll fix it’ (Pongsungahhakdang)

Youngwoong Lim-Youngtak-Lee Chanwon-Minho Jang-Heejae Kim of the’Pongsunga Institute’ with world-class ice empress Lee Sang-hwa will unfold a ‘2021 Ability Evaluation Special’.

At the 36th episode of TV Chosun’s’Pongsunga Hakdang’, which airs on the 27th, trotmen are expected to transform into’ice men’s gods’ and test the legend’s national representative Lee Sang-hwa from physical strength to emotionality, making the ice rink a field of laughter.

First, the trotmen, who visited the ice rink for the New Year’s ability evaluation, were all overwhelmed when the legendary national ice skating empress Lee Sang-hwa appeared, and more and more activated the Pong power booster. Subsequently, Lee Sang-hwa confessed that he had even texted a vote during the final of’Mr. Trot’, and revealed that there was a’One Pick’ among the trotmen, making the scene disturbing. People are wondering who the Trotman who brought Lee Sang-hwa’s text vote will be.

Then, with the start of the’Pop Hammer Tack’ for a full-fledged physical fitness test, one of the trotmen burst with laughter starting with the humiliation of being knocked out by Lee Sang-hwa in just 13 seconds. On the other hand, Lim Young-woong quickly adapted to the ice and showed off his tireless physical strength as the official physical manager of the’Pongsungahhakdang’. Moreover, Lim Young-woong stimulated Lee Sang-hwa’s desire to win by taking a leisurely away from Lee Sang-hwa, and the members who watched Lim’s big success showed surprise.

In particular, in the’Speed ​​Skating Confrontation’ to determine the winner of the physical fitness test, trotmen’s constant laugh-inducing reaction broke out. The site where Young-Tak consistently showed an ambitious appearance on the ice, while Lee Chan-won, the official body of Trotman, showed a’cutty chanto’ with a stride. More than anything else, an unexpected big match was made in the finals, which made the ice rink hot. Who will be the protagonist is drawing attention to the’Speed ​​Skating Confrontation’.

On the other hand, in’Heart Rate Ice Show’, an emotional test that makes Lee Sang-hwa’s heart rate beat, nicknamed as a poker face and ice princess, various stories that trotmen were hiding were revealed and attracted attention. After Lim Young-woong confessed her story with her ex-girlfriend, who said, “With her on the ice rink…”, Jinwon’s’I’ll fix it’ with a deep sensibility made even Lee Sang-hwa’s passion. Interest is gathering about the Trot Man who shook Lee Sang-hwa’s heart in the emotional test of tears and laughter, from the trot full of sweetness to the ballad.

The production crew said, “The trotmen covered the ice floor with laughter by releasing charms like fish in water in various ability tests with Empress Lee Sang-hwa in the ice.” Please watch.” The 36th episode of’Pongsungahhakdang’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 27th.

iMBC Lee Ho-Young | Photo courtesy = TV Chosun

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