Lim Young-woong, donated 200 million won to commemorate his birthday

Lim Young-woong, donated 200 million won to commemorate his birthday

[TV리포트=이윤희 기자] Singer Young-woong Lim exercised a good influence to commemorate his birthday.

According to the Community Chest of Korea on the 16th, Lim Young-woong, along with his agency Fish Music, donated 100 million won each to the Fruit of Love for a total of 200 million won.

Lim’s donation was made under the name of ‘Age of Heroes (fandom name)’ to commemorate his 31st birthday. Young-woong Lim actively participated in this donation after hearing that the number of neighbors in need of a helping hand in the local community is increasing due to the prolonged Corona 19.

In particular, it is even more meaningful in that the voluntary donation procession of the ‘Era of Heroes’ and the decision to donate under the name of ‘Age of Heroes’ were made to repay the love of the fans.

Along with ‘Age of Heroes’, Im Young-woong is moving beyond the cultural relationship based on the relationship between singers and fans, and actively spreading good influence to society, impressing many people suffering from Corona 19.

Earlier, Young-woong Lim donated 100 million won to the ‘Fruit Giving Dreams Foundation’, a children’s welfare foundation to support the damage caused by COVID-19, and donated a total of 890 million won with ‘Era of Heroes’ for flood victims. continues

Lim Young-woong said, “I am always grateful for the love of many people. I will try not to forget this thanks. And I want to express my respect for the good activities of ‘Era of Heroes’.”

On the other hand, Young-woong Lim is receiving a lot of love for “My Love Like the Starlight,” released in March, and is preparing for the ‘Mr. Trot TOP6 National Tour Concert’, which will be resumed from the 18th.

Reporter Lee Yoon-hee / Photo = New Era Project

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