Lim Young-woong became a well-made advertising model...  'Romantic suit fit'

Lim Young-woong became a well-made advertising model… ‘Romantic suit fit’

Photo = Wash

Sejeong announced on the 28th that he had selected singer’Lim Young-woong’ as an advertisement model for the 2020 fall/winter season of WELLMADE, a lifestyle fashion store.

In May, Wellmade released the CM song’Trotwell Song’ with Youngwoong Lim and attracted attention.

Sejeong Wellmade’s side explained the background of the selection, saying, “Im Young-woong is a sincere singer who is full of love and passion for Trot.”

Photo = Wash

Through this season’s pictorial with Lim Young-woong, Wellmade focuses on styling the classic’trench coat’, which is the staple of autumn men, and the formal’romantic suit,’ which makes special days more romantic.

In addition, the basic item’Blouson’ was added to create a sophisticated business casual look.

Wellmade will also release the second video of’Trot Well Song’ in September, so you can get a glimpse of Youngwoong Lim’s splendid performance and various styling, along with an addictive and exciting rhythmic CM song.

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