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Lim Young-woong and Jung Myung-gyu surpass 3 million views on the stage of’La Lara’… Breathing


The stage of’La Lara’ by Lim Young-woong and Jung Myung-gyu exceeded 3 million views on YouTube.

On September 4, last year, a video titled “Young Woong Lim x Jung Myung Kyu’La Lara’ Love Call Center” was posted on the official YouTube channel of Lim Young Woong.

In the video, Youngwoong Lim and Myungkyu Jung are singing SG Wannabe’La Lara’.

Their breathtaking breathing and extraordinary singing skills were enough to catch the attention of netizens and viewers.

As a result, the video exceeded 3 million views as of February 16.

These records remind us of Lim’s extraordinary popularity.

Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong and Jung Myung-gyu sang this song in the 23rd episode of’Call Center of Love’.

The 23rd episode of’Love Call Center’, which aired at 10 pm on September 3, 2020, recorded 20.5% of the nationwide viewership based on paid households.

In the second round of the broadcast semi-final that day, Lim Young-woong and Jung Myung-gyu showed off their hidden talent by singing SG Wannabe’La La La’ and scored 100 points to advance to the final.

tvX Reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo = Youngwoong Lim’s Official Youtube Channel’Youngwoong Lim’-‘Miss & Mr. Trot’ Official Account YouTube Channel

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