Lim Young-woong and Jeong Dong-won release the sound source for the previous duet'Become a Thousand Winds'

Lim Young-woong and Jeong Dong-won release the sound source for the previous duet’Become a Thousand Winds’

[텐아시아=우빈 기자]
Youngwoong Lim, Dongwon Jeong

‘Become a Thousand Winds’ by singers Lim Young-woong and Jeong Dong-won are released as sound sources.

TV Chosun’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ Untact concert special sound source will be released at noon on the 16th.

In this album, starting with the title song’Become a Thousand Winds’ sung by Young-Woong Lim and Dong-Won Jung, Young-woong Lim’s’I Really Didn’t Know’,’Love TWO’, Young-Tak’s’Ira Ye’, Chan-Won Lee’s’Broken Wall Clock’, ‘ ‘Galmuri’, Jang Min-ho’s’I’m me’,’Singing song Cha-cha-cha’, Kim Hee-jae’s’My Heart Like a Star’, and’Hee-jae’ are included.

This includes’Become a Thousand Winds’ sung by Young-Tak and Jeong Dong-won together,’Become a Thousand Winds,’ sung by Young-woong Lim and Dong-won Jeong, and’Give Good Luck’ sung by TOP6 (Young-Tak Lim, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae). A total of 12 songs will be released from the individual stage to the group stage and unit stage.

Lim Young-woong and Jeong Dong-won gave viewers pleasure with’becoming a thousand winds’. On the stage of Lim Young-woong and Jeong Dong-won, who conveyed a deep reverberation with extraordinary sensibility, the original songwriter Lim Hyeong-ju expressed his gratitude through his Instagram. The two’s previous duet stage video recorded 250,000 views on Naver TV.

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