Lim Young-woong, a dance that doesn't lose to Jo Kwon...  Kappoung was born after Kapp Kwon ('Sacoll')

Lim Young-woong, a dance that doesn’t lose to Jo Kwon… Kappoung was born after Kapp Kwon (‘Sacoll’)

[스포츠월드=정가영 기자] Singer Lim Young-woong challenged Jo Kwon’s whisk dance.

TV CHOSUN broadcast on the 5th’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) in episode 41, TOP6 Lim Young-woong-Young Tak-Lee Chan-won-Jung Dong-won-Jang Min-ho-Kim Hee-jae and Idol 6 Seven-Jo Kwon-Nora-jo- Reina-B1A4 Sandeul? Oh My Girl Seunghee appeared.

In TOP 6, the opening stage was opened in the form of an idol group, matching the shoes that Lim had customized and a red hoodie. Subsequently, Idol 6, who caused the K-pop myth, appeared and received cheers with their representative songs and dances, and Idol 6 also replied to TOP 6, saying, “It seems to see celebrities of celebrities.” In particular, Jo Kwon pointed out Minho Jang in order to radiate the energy of excitement he had not yet fully unlocked, and led a tasting dance showdown, and Lim Young-woong joined Jo Kwon’s violent hairy dance, and followed the breakdown dance as’Kwaung’, causing laughter.

Eventually, a full-fledged confrontation began, and a bloody solo exhibition in which only gifts from 1st to 12th place’Top 10’s were taken was announced, and the war was burned. To cool off the heat for a while, Jung Dong-won and the mountains made a happy laugh with the surprise duet stage’Redevelopment of Love’, and’Min. Woong.’, who was a special guest singer, started from’Chunjaya’ to’Arirang Head’ and’Fifteen Nights’. Until’Sint Bully’ medley show was shown, raising the atmosphere to the peak.

In the’Unit Showdown’, where the chance to flip the score is given, TOP6 Jeong Dong-won, Kim Hee-jae, and Jang Min-ho boasted a perfect sword group dance that transcends generations with their girlfriend’s’We are from today’, while idol 6 Seven, Jo Kwon, and Sandeul Young-tak’s’Chinya. ‘I was surprised with the exciting trot stage. In the end, Idol 6 won a complete victory with 91 points vs. 100 points and had the luck of picking’Lucky Chance’. In addition, the special stage of Lee Chan-won and Seung-hee,’Love is in the Milky Way Cafe,’ resounded, and the ensemble of the two moistened the emotions and brought admiration.

In the next matchup, Lim Young-woong boasted the essence of the authentic Trot with’a cup of tears’ and scored 99 points, causing the team’s morale. Sandeul showed a skillful trot spearing technique as’Leaving Im-A’, but 1 point behind Lim’s score was regrettable. Jeong Dong-won and Nora-jo, who went on to be the last fighters, drew attention with the’Confrontation of the Century’. Norajo, who caught the eye before the contest with the’table fashion’ of the era, scored 92 points with’Ja Ok-ah’, a Norajo mark with a unique sense of comedy, and Jeong Dong-won earned 97 points with’Hunt Neely’, reaffirming his reputation.

Photo = TV CHOSUN’Love Call Center’ broadcast capture

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