Lim Young-woong, 26th week Gaon Social Chart Trot Singer No.1...  All TOP4

Lim Young-woong, 26th week Gaon Social Chart Trot Singer No.1… All TOP4

[엑스포츠뉴스 이정범 기자] Lim Young-woong topped the Gaon Social Chart Trot Singer for the 26th week of 2021.

According to Gaon Chart, Lim Young-woong rose to the top 4 of Gaon Social Chart for the 26th week of 2021. The counting period was from June 20 to June 26.

The Gaon Social Chart is a chart that aggregates the popularity of each social media. The social media targeted for counting are YouTube, TikTok, V LIVE, Mubeat, and My Celebrity Social Index.

Ranked 4th overall on a chart announcing rankings based on major social media aggregations. This is a record that corresponds to the number one trot singer.

This ranking shows his extraordinary popularity.

Meanwhile, the ‘Mr. Trot’ concert, which was postponed due to Corona 19, is being held again. In this regard, Young-woong Lim is also showing a wonderful appearance at this concert.

Trot’ TOP6 concert to be resumed in areas where negotiations with performance venues have been completed, such as Daegu, Gwangju, Seoul, Cheongju, Busan, and Goyang

The performance agency said, “The performance will be held safely under strict quarantine and prevention rules in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the government and the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such as distancing seating system, wearing a mask, filling out a questionnaire and checking in QR codes, banishing shouting, ban on food intake, and regular quarantine. will,” he said.

Photo = Lim Young-woong Fan Club-Gaon Chart

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