Lim Young-woong ♥ Seol Woon-do,'My love like the starlight' fighting!

Lim Young-woong ♥ Seol Woon-do,’My love like the starlight’ fighting!

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Lim Young-woong and Seol Woon-do / Photo = Kim Hyun-ah Instagram

The recording process of singer Lim Young-woong’s new song’My Love Like a Starlight’ is released and attracts attention.

On the 6th, Korean representative chorus Kim Hyun-ah revealed the recording studio of Lim Young-woong’s’My Love Like a Starlight’ on his Instagram.

Kim Hyun-ah said, “I’m recording the hero of this era releasing’My Love Like a Starlight’ on March 9,” and “I see signs of a big hit already.”

Lim Young-woong and Seol Woon-do / Photo = Kim Hyun-ah Instagram

Kim Hyun-ah praised Lim Young-woong, saying, “It’s a national singer!”

In the photo released by Kim Hyun-ah, Lim Young-woong and Seol Un-do are in a fighting pose with both hands together.

Lim Young-woong’s expression shows the anticipation for the new song. Seolundo also feels high in expectations for Lim Young-woong, who sings the song she wrote and composed.

In another photo, Seol Undo is giving advice to Lim, and Lim is listening.

Lim Young-woong will release the sound source for’My Love Like Starlight’ at 6 pm on the 9th. Lim Young-woong-pyo’s big hit song, following’Only I Trust’ and’Hero’ (HERO), is foretold.

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