Lim Young-woong → Jang Min-ho, from '3 seconds Jung Hae-in' to'girl group'...'Moo. Chin. So' special feature (Sacoll)[종합]

Lim Young-woong → Jang Min-ho, from ‘3 seconds Jung Hae-in’ to’girl group’…’Moo. Chin. So’ special feature (Sacoll)[종합]

[엑스포츠뉴스 노수린 기자] TOP6 transformed into an unknown singer’s daily manager.

TV Chosun broadcasted on the 6th,’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ was decorated with a special feature of’Introducing an Unknown Friend’, and TOP6 promoted his unknown singer friend.

In particular, Jung Da-han, named’Trot-based Jeong Hae-in’, drew attention. He is a friend of Jang Min-ho, and Kim Seong-ju admired the appearance of Jeong Da-han, saying, “Good-looking people are close to good-looking people.” When referring to his age, Jang Min-ho said, “What will age be important? It is important to be a colleague.”

Jang Min-ho said, “I’m a trot singer for 8 years. I’m Jeong Da-han, who has all his face, all personality, and sings. I don’t know why he’s been unknown until now. It’s my role today to show off Dahan’s charm to the whole people through this event. I cheered for Dahan Jeong.

Kim Hee-jae introduced Moa, a 5 year old unknown singer who has been engaged in ballad solo singers to girl group overseas activities. Moa was the only female singer in the’Love Call Center’ that day, Hong Il-jeom.

Kim Hee-jae said, “I was a boy group leader and a girl group leader who gathered together when I was a student of idols. I had an activity under the name of’Turida’ because I asked to make a team with leaders. I’ve been acquainted with it for about 10 years. I’ve been trying hard, and I’m still a friend I want to show off when I go anywhere. It has a very attractive tone.”

The individual stages of TOP6 and unknown singers were held with the participation of Untact audiences. Untact audiences came to the evaluation without knowing which singer is whose friend. The unknown singer friends who performed for the first time in front of an untouched audience couldn’t help but admire.

Prior to the unknown singers, TOP6 prepared a separate stage for friends. Jeong Dong-won sang’Love is Judge Lee’, Young Tak sang’Don’t Hate’, Kim Hee-jae sang “Meet You,” Lim Young-woong sang “Hung Eol Heung-eul,” Jang Min-ho sang “Oh Heo-i,” and Lee Chan-won sang “Younger Man”. I cheered for my friends.

Meanwhile, Jung Dong-won surprisingly revealed the stage of the new song’The Best in My Heart’. It was a stage where cute choreography harmonized with the lively trot song. Untact audiences also sent a hot response to Jeong Dong-won’s stage.

On this day, the protagonist who won the final place was Choi Jeong-hoon. Second place was Dahan Jeong, Maa-seong in third place, Sun-joon Kim in fourth place, Moa in fifth place, and Gangseok in sixth place. / Photo = TV Chosun broadcast screen

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