Lim Yeong-woong, Young-tak, Jang Min-ho, Mangok→Thingok…  'Reverse Driving' Premonition Medley (Call Center of Love)[포인트:컷]

Lim Yeong-woong, Young-tak, Jang Min-ho, Mangok→Thingok… ‘Reverse Driving’ Premonition Medley (Call Center of Love)[포인트:컷]

[엑스포츠뉴스 이슬 인턴기자] Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, and Jang Min-ho’Min Woong-tak’ will present a hidden masterpiece relay stage that decorated the early days of obscurity at the beginning of their debut.

TV CHOSUN, which will be broadcast on the 26th,’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) in Episode 44, the top 6 and the Koreans, the main characters of the popular hit song Min-gyo Kim-Yang Hye-seung-Wooyeon- Lee Bum-hak, Lim Ju-ri, and Ju Byeong-seon’Hit 6’have a fierce confrontation. Here, the three members of’Mr. Trot’, who are former singers, present a new stage that has not been revealed so far.

Above all, the three members of Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, and Jang Min-ho,’Min Woong-Tak’, are from active singers who have lived a long unknown life, so they have a lot of unknown songs. These songs weren’t very popular, so they almost became a’missing song’ for the three members, but thanks to the strong support of fans, they revived as a new’thing song’ and released specially through the’Call Center of Love’. The songs at the beginning of their debut that were hard to see on TV lead to a medley. The curiosity of the rediscovered masterpiece of’Min Woong-tak’ is raising questions.

In particular, Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, and Jang Min-ho performed support shooting with chorus and dance to each other’s songs on the hidden masterpiece relay stage, and unfortunately showed off the breath that they had cultivated. ‘Min Woong-Tak’, united in concert, created an impressive stage that summoned memories at the beginning of their debut with a perfect thump.

On the other hand, in the highlight of’Call Center of Love’, in the unit confrontation, Lee Chan-won-Kim Hee-jae, the 14-year keeper of TOP6, and Kim Hee-jae, the 40-year keeper of Hit 6, Kim Min-gyo-Lee Beom-hak, competed in a duet. The two teams, who said that just looking at their eyes as much as they had been together for a long time, had a hot stage full of enthusiasm enough to make them forget the unit battles. Of the two teams that drove the scene into a crucible of enthusiasm, attention is being paid to which team will win the unit battle.

Moreover, the previous stage of Korean hit song masters, which can only be seen in the’Call Center of Love’, has been announced and is drawing attention. Korean hit song protagonists sing another masterpiece that is not their favorite hit song. ‘Chilgapsan’ Joo Byung-seon is planning to deliver a different impression by showing a deep, deep trot stage with’Han River’ and’Gorgeous Single’ Yang Hye-seung as’The Last Lover’.

The production crew said, “It will be a happy time for various ears, including the discovery of Min Woong-tak’s hidden masterpieces and other masterpieces of Korean hit songs,” and “‘Love Call Center’ where new songs and stages of emotion that were not easily seen will pour out. Please look forward to the meeting.”

‘Love Call Center’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 26th. / Photo = TV CHOSUN’Love Call Center’

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