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Lim Hyung-ju, “Lim Young-woong will soon become a national singer. 1st place in song + personality”


‘Poppera Tenor’ Lim Hyung-joo posted on his Instagram, “The TV Chosun , which aired yesterday (12th) night in the New Year’s Special’Anbang Concert’,” said Young-woong Lim and Dong-won Jung. I sang’Become’ as a duet. These days, many younger singers appear on various programs and sing my songs often, so I am very grateful and happy as the original songwriter.”

He started appreciating the stage of’Sacoll’ on the 12th, saying, “Anyway, I would like to post a small review as an original song singer on the duet stage of Youngwoong Lim and Dongwon Jeong last night.

Lim Hyung-ju commented, “As I watched this stage, I came to think that the voice of Young-woong Lim has a’unique charm’ that no one can replace.”

“In addition, Mr. Lim’s song contains a lot of his’sincerity’. He evaluated that he possesses an’extraordinary talent’ who can make whatever song he sings into his own song and sing it like his own. I would like to. In addition, I would like to appreciate the fact that the boy singer Jeong Dong-won has a deep sensibility at such a young age. I would like to greatly compliment the musical technique apart from detailed analysis or grand criticism. He is a’prepared musician’ with a lot of talent. I look forward to the future even more.” Both Jeong Dong-won and Lim Young-woong showed high praise.

In addition, Hyung-ju Lim said, “Finally, I was more moved by the way Lim Young-woong focused more on the harmony with Jeong Dong-won so that his voice did not bounce alone. His personality also came to be seen again. Will you be the first winner of’Mr. Trot’? The song and the personality are also number one!” Lee evaluated as a star with both personality and ability.

He said, “When I was invited to a commemorative concert for the 70th anniversary of the Korean War last year, I actually met Lim Young-woong. I remember remembering,” he recalled when I actually met him.

Hyung-ju Lim, “I think that Young-woong Lim’s future is to become a’national singer’. In a word, it was’the best stage’! I saw you well!!! I hope you always’cheat’!!! I finished writing the message “”.

Lim Hyeong-joo’s stage and singer reviews caught the attention of netizens.

On the other hand,’Call Center of Love’ TOP6 held a’Untact Home Concert’ to wish for the health and happiness of the viewers and shed tears of emotion in the home theater.

TV CHOSUN broadcast on the 12th,’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) for 42 episodes, the national rating of 13.9% based on Nielsen Korea, and the highest rating per minute soared to 15.7%. On this day’s broadcast, TOP6 decorated new and fresh stages prepared only for the’Untact Home Concert’, along with songs that had been enthusiastically sung at the’Call Center of Love’ so far, providing plenty of things to listen and enjoy.

In the broadcast that day, Lim Young-woong sang’Become a Thousand Winds’ with Jeong Dong-won and gave a different impression.

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