Lila Rose: Mr. Biden uses the Catholic faith as cover for the abortion policy

Lila Rose: Mr. Biden uses the Catholic faith as cover for the abortion policy

In an interview with NTD Television on February 17, Ms. Lila Rose, founder and chairman of the life protection organization Live Action, warned Americans to be aware of the serious lies of Biden administration regarding abortion.

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She said: “Most Americans are unaware of the government’s pro-abortion extremism. ” “And when they do start to realize they are extremely concerned.”

Rose’s organization is particularly concerned that the current Biden administration policy even favors abortion when he was in office as Vice President under Obama.

She said that Mr. Biden once supported the Hyde Amendment, which came into force in 1980 to prohibit the use of federal funds to perform abortions, except to save lives or get pregnant due to rape or incestuous. The new government also reversed a Mexico City policy to prohibit the use of US taxpayer budgets for groups that provide abortion services or abortion counseling.

Rose says she thinks Mr. Biden is using religion as a cover for his radical abortion program, while he identifies himself as a “Catholic devotion”, A religion that has a clear and emphasized message of travel to protect the sacredness of life.

She said: “The President is using Christianity as a cover for his extreme policies and promoting abortion. And that is simply the worst kind of lie. It is the worst form of violence, the one that needs to be exposed. “

The media has a clear dual standard, Rose says. The media hailed Joe Biden’s faith as an example, despite his advocacy of legalizing murder and even killing children with taxpayer funds, “while at the same time, other Catholics like [Thẩm phán Tòa án Tối cao] Amy Coney Barrett is again criticized for her faith, attacked, even for her faith called a ‘handmaid’, claiming that she will set us back decades or so. for her Catholic witnessing faith. ”

In addition, Rose also said that not only the civil liberties of babies in danger, but also those who support life protection.

For example, his Vice President Kamala Harris has fought against life defenders since she was California’s attorney general. She was the one who sent the agent to raid my friend’s apartment, David Daleiden, an undercover journalist., ”Said Rose.

“He also just appointed former California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to a high position in his administration. It was also the attorney general who led and filed criminal charges against two California life protection activists, as well as forcing maternity centers to advertise abortions in their clinics. California. ”

Rose encourages conservatives to speak up, adding that they play an important role and should focus on the long term.

“You are not alone. There are a lot of people who really agree with you, but maybe they haven’t found the courage to speak up yet because they need to see others stand up first. So, don’t think you are alone, know that there are many people traveling with you. Second, I encourage everyone that change begins with us.

In fact, there have been many doubts about the incumbent US President Joe Biden’s profession of the Catholic faith.

In a commentary published on Friday by the religious website First Things (December 4, 2020), the former Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput, wrote that, do not take Biden’s refusal to take lightly, and that “Public figures who claim to be ‘Catholics’ inflicted the faithful upon receiving Communion by giving the impression that the Church’s moral norms were present. can be arbitrarily modified.

“When the bishops openly declared their readiness to perform Communion for Mr. Biden, without explicitly teaching him the seriousness of his facilitating abortion (and his approval of same-sex relationships), they terribly harmed his fellow bishops and members,”Wrote the former archbishop. “Through his actions throughout his social life, Mr. Biden has shown that he does not have a full relationship with the Catholic Church.”

Before that, on November 26, 2020, Mr. Joe Biden gave a Thanksgiving speech on his Youtube channel. During his speech, he was confused and repeated twice as he read the word “Psalms ” (/ sɑːm / – means Psalms, or Hymns) into Palmists (/ ˈPɑːmɪst / – who considers hand fortune-telling, often seen as pagan elements like witches), in the passage he solemnly declared “… we can claim as the fortune-teller wrote “God is my strength and shield …” (“the palmists who wrote…“).

This surprised Americans, because the word “Psalms” (Psalms or Hymns) is about short songs of praise to God known to any Christian, or even many non-Christians. These songs are usually sung in the church every Sunday, yet one candidate identified himself as “candidate candidate for Catholicism“Made such a dumb mistake. Therefore, this statement of his was reposted by many people on social networks, including Mr. Giuliani. This lawyer wrote:

“Is it really unclear if Mr. Biden is awake enough? I do not find “Palms” in both the Old and New Testaments. Is this the “revelation” of Mr. Biden’s own? “

From Democrats tearing up the Bible, arbitrarily crushing Christian beliefs, before election day last year, a Catholic organization in America was the CatholicVote.Org, a conservative group formed in 2005, Paid a whopping $ 9.5 million to advertise, expose the anti-Christian political stance of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and call for full support of President Trump. One of the promotional messages from CatholicVote.Org in Pennsylvania and Michigan is: “Joe Biden will force American Catholics to pay for abortion, he sacrifices his Catholic values ​​and kneels in front of the left.. “

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