Like every other conspiracy theory, the 5G network affects health is false - Photo 1.

Like all other conspiracy theories, the health of 5G networks is fake

We are approaching the era of 5G connectivity, companies have started to open up services to take advantage of its breakthrough speed. For many people, the promise of 5G network seems so great to be true, they are devising various conspiracy theories: they fear that new technology will bring a certain dark force to influence Earth life.

Going through any platform with users, you will immediately see the presence of 5G post components, spreading 5G-type information causing cancer, infertility, autism or Alzheimer's dementia. In November 2018, a Facebook post confirmed 5G was the cause of the death of 300 birds in the Netherlands. Getting permission to correct, the 5G test took place a few months away from the dead bird area, they probably thought the 5G's destructive power was similar to nuclear radiation.

Worse, people spread the post about how to smash the 5G network columns being tested. In this country, we will have to find the answer to: Why is the next step of networking so attractive to conspiracy experts?

The clues point to John Kuhles, a "UFO researcher" in the Netherlands, who closed the "Stop5G" group on Facebook in 2018. At this time, the group has more than 20,000 members, which is the distribution place. spread rumors about 300 dead birds as well as many other conspiracy theories. There are unreasonable things like the wildfire in California last November due to "mysterious rulers who punish the people", because the state of California did not install 5G in time.

John Kuhles' mother group "gave birth" to a number of other sub-groups, including "Stop 5G UK" separate activity in the UK, now has more than 13,000 members, along with a series of small groups at any Which area is prepared to receive 5G coverage.

Twitter environment is also as malicious as Facebook: people spread the hashtag # stop5G everywhere. Incredible Instagram platform: people scrambled to share a picture of employees wearing enough hazmat anti-radiation suits, working at the site that is believed to be the 5G wave. No one is sad to verify the authenticity of the absurd image.

No one has strong evidence that affects the health of 5G in particular, or any network connection in general. The foundation built on 5G is no different from its predecessors, and no studies have linked phones / phone waves to cancer, but it is true that the scientific community is exploring possible links.

Like every other conspiracy theory, the 5G network affects health is false - Photo 2.

But the unreserved facts of the 5G chain spread like flash floods, starting from 2018, when a series of operators tested 5G. Non-rooted sources constantly make the community worry, putting up worrying phrases like "5G Apocalypse" or "an experiment on humanity", vigorously claiming 5G "will kill friend".

But the route of fake news spread through this fear is not new, just a repeat pattern every time a new technology appears.

"Conspiracy theory has 4G resurgence, and from all the technologies that have gone before it", David Grimes, physicist, cancer researcher and author of many scientific articles, said. According to him, high-voltage power lines and radio waves have made the ancients worry for their health. Invisible waves are accused of causing cancer, brain tumors and many other scary diseases.

All of those claims have been abolished by intensive scientific studies, with a long research effort in recent decades.

Take the UK for example, the number of phone users increased by 500% from the 1990s until 2016, while the number of people with brain tumors increased by only 34% – which increased the proportion of people with major brain disease. is because technology is more modern, disease detection is easier.

"What we see today is still the conspiracy theory of many years ago reconstructed, not surprising because the current status of vaccines is similar."Researcher Grimes said. Every time the health industry releases new vaccines, old legends about vaccines have a chance to revive.

Like every other conspiracy theory, the 5G network affects health is false - Photo 3.

This pattern also applies to new technology: 5G network makes people shy, while the foundation for 5G is still 4G, the network we still use for a long time.

Disappointing rumors about 5G are often accompanied by "radiation", "radiation, radiation", which makes people think of the rays that are likely to affect health, such as X-rays or ultraviolet rays, capable of breaking DNA and mutating, cancer. But not all radiation is harmful, like radio waves in communications technology, with frequencies ranging from 300 MHz to 300 GHz.

"Microwave radiation is also a concept that causes many misunderstandings. Because when you hear the name, people will think about the microwave"Mr. Grimes said. We use this technology every day but don't understand how it works. The knowledge gap is filled with conspiracy theory, misunderstanding and false information.

Like all other conspiracy theories, the 5G network affects health is false - Photo 4.

Joseph Uscinski, associate professor at the University of Miami and book editor of Conspiracy Theory and Those who believe in it, say that conspiracy theory is very appealing to those who like conspiracy theory. If you have never read the conspiracy theory, this may sound confusing, but if you are familiar with sitting for hours reading and watching videos on the Internet, you will immediately feel familiar with the endless circle of fake and truthfully, reading is both reasonable and not very attractive, so it makes it easy for listeners to believe completely in NOTICE of the plot, thinking that it is TRUE.

"For those who believe in conspiracy theory, all new theories will fit into what they have heard and read", Joseph Uscinski said. "Those who believe in 5G theory have been attracted to high levels of conspiracy theory in general. When they look for information, they will often turn to a source that is consistent with their inherently misleading faith".

Often, conspiracy theory spread more slowly than scientific news, but in the modern world with Internet connectivity, they spread like wildfires. The study, published in Science magazine, shows that fake news has a share rate that is higher than 70 times the true news.

"It is very easy to see those false messages, and then feel they are very attractive; most importantly, a community revolves around it, making people feel like they belong to a group of people who find hidden truths.", John Kelly, Graphika's CEO said.

Like every other conspiracy theory, the 5G network affects health is false - Photo 5.

Graphika, a company that analyzes New York-based social networking trends, keeps an eye on stories revolving around the 5G network, discovering their common ground: all of the fake stories are focused on the impact of healthe. Accounts that call for boycott of 5G are also often post vaccineists, who believe the Earth is flat and other similar bullshit.

On the Internet, the world of fake news is extremely diverse: just by looking for information about how the cancer causes cancer, a series of websites (which look unreliable) will confirm what you are concerned about. With the lazy nature that was buried deep in the human subconscious, most people will not go to find the right source when the convenient information is available before their eyes.

According to Grimes, this is the main problem: "The best way to fix them is to make a clear distinction between reliable sources".

"We can all learn from science. Our cognitive state must always be in skepticism"Mr. Grimes concluded. Suddenly, Cao Cao's skeptical personality appeared more urgent than ever before in the situation "every square meter of Internet has some fake news."

On the other hand, Uscinski warned against dumping all the evil spreading false information to the Internet, this would be an action to simplify a complex capital problem. "Mankind has heard about conspiracy theory, extreme and violent ideas come from conspiracy theory before the Internet exists. The Internet may allow for false information to spread faster, but those who are willing to believe it always exist everywhere".

Like every other conspiracy theory, the 5G network affects health is false - Photo 6.

Uscinski takes the real example: when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, more than half of the American people believed in the shady theories behind the death of the popular president. To avoid conspiracy theory beyond control, Uscinski emphasizes the role of government experts, related industries and the media to be ready to act, immediately telling the public what is the real news. , where is the fake news.

There were first steps full of hope. To avoid worrying people, the company EE – the place for the first 5G trial in the UK, contacted the local people's council, asking to attend community meetings to raise awareness of people. .

Besides, the company also uses postings on social networks, sends official information to the national media, publishes the explanatory content itself, in order to reassure public opinion that is afraid of 5G network. .

Howard Jones, a senior EE officer, said: "It is very necessary for us to reassure ourselves in public opinion, because if those words do not come from ourselves and from the industry, explain in detail what new technology is, then the false information will be pleasantly abusive.".

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