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Lightning-Hyper USB-C cable on hand: more expensive than Apple cable

I borrowed 3 USB-C cables to lightning from HyperDrive, which is known for its versatile adapter products as well as many other technological accessories. This is a product line with a higher price than Apple's USB-C lightning cable. Initially, you will also wonder why its price is higher than that, so I have learned about this product line and shared with you in the article and video below.

First, these cables have an outer shell that is bulletproof. At first I thought this information would not mean much to ordinary users but with a test of it, I found that HyperDrive wanted to prove its durability.

When exposed to the cable, I feel a bit rough and hard, so initially it will bring a sense of durability, toughness compared to the rubber-sheathed cables. Conventional materials for cable shielding can get dirty and age faster. The interwoven design or gray and black silver on the cable casing also looks nice.

This product line includes 3 types: Keychain length of 20 cm, Lanyard length of 1 meter and Tough length of 2 meters.

HyperDrive Keychain

The 20 cm strand is supplied with a pupa-shaped aluminum tube to hide the two ends of the cable inside to limit the effects of the environment. With this design, the two ends of the cable will not be separated from the aluminum pipe. Thanks to this function, the protective cap of aluminum tube has a hook to attach the key chain. Those who do work related to Apple devices will find the design of this cable very useful.

HyperDrive Lanyard

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The 1 meter cable is also designed with the same style as the 20 cm version. The function of this cable is illustrated by the manufacturer on the manufacturer's website with a girl wearing an employee tag on her neck. In my experience, the cable with the same head protection wears a bit heavy compared to the conventional strap. You can try and consider this factor.

HyperDrive Tough

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The last cable is Tough with a length of 2 meters, more than double the standard cable attached to the iPhone 11 Pro (although Apple also sells the 2-meter cable). Of course, it includes the original criteria that HyperDrive offers for durability, and the compatibility with the MFi standard.

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The end of the cable is aluminum-coated just below the lightning connector or USB-C. I feel the thorough improvement of HyperDrive for this product line. On the bottom is a thick rubber cover that can be stretched and folded in many directions. The USB-C port is compactly designed to make sure there is no space for adjacent ports for some laptops like the MacBook Pro.

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I tried to pull the 67-wheeler in braking condition, the rope was hurt, revealing the inside. It can be seen that the interior of this cable consists of many layers to help ensure the durability of the cable. In this test, I folded the cable so hard that it hurt, while the other parts of the rope were not damaged.

It is possible that this is a product line aimed at other purposes besides charging the cable, data transmission. These cables have the MFi standard, which is compatible with Apple devices, the most important is the 18W fast charging feature for the iPhone or 30W for the iPad Pro.

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Try jumping with a 2m cable. For me, it was a bit short, but it was just to try the head to see if it was certain, not to jump the rope. In my tests, the basic level and the little bit basic, it was difficult to damage the head.

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Try towing

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