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Life and death selection for the 4.0 era enterprise

The advent of sophisticated digital technologies is forcing IT to become more dynamic, more relevant and businesses must be more aware of technology. These trends include: mobile computing, development agile, digital users, cloud computing … Businesses willing to step up and grab these trends will undergo transformation and growth. strong in communication, cooperation and business. While businesses stuck in traditional ways are starting to stumble and decline seriously.

As a business improvement program for people, processes and tools, Digital Transformation aims to maximize the effectiveness of online technologies and media in business.

Digital transformation for businesses is no longer an option, but an indispensable development.

27% of senior executives rated digital transformation as a matter of survival.

1/3 of the senior Marketing Leader in emerging markets believe their business will become a digital business for 5 years.

71% of large digital companies say they can attract talent based on digital, while only 10% of digital businesses that are developing in the early stages can do so.

51% of senior executives believe that making the number conversion in the next 12 months is very important.

More than a third of CMOs say that Digital Marketing will account for 75% or more of their spending over the next 5 years.

Only 16% of Marketers feel their business is providing a true customer experience with the brand promise.

The figures above clearly show that for businesses, embarking on digital transformation is more urgent than ever. Digital transformation needs to be strategically implemented and thoroughly implemented to ensure sustainable success for the business. Users now interact on a multitude of different digital channels and devices, so businesses need to reach, interact, retain, and convert their users effectively through all directions. This facility aims to ensure a long and valuable relationship.

"There is a tendency to consider digital technology as just an opportunity or a choice. However, the pressure of a rapidly changing business context is turning digital from choice into a must. The longer you wait, the more disadvantaged your business is. ”- John Hagel, Co-Chair of Center for the Edge at Deloitte.

While many businesses have started to convert numbers, the remaining businesses are still struggling to reach the "starting line". In order to align resources and strategies effectively, businesses must switch to the most effective solutions, Cloud.

Cloud provides flexible IT resources that help transform the business model, quickly bring products / services to market, increase testing capabilities for businesses without encountering barriers.

Digital transformation: Mortality selection for enterprise 4.0 era - Photo 2.

Cloud has created new conversations in the business environment and these conversations help better connect IT between different parts of the business, promoting transformation initiatives. When the IT department is responsible for maintaining a business, these connections are extremely necessary.

Numeric conversions will not happen in every way at the same time. This process needs planning and happens in certain stages. By transforming functions into the cloud, IT can freely focus more on different innovations and innovations in business.

Digital conversion has been a distant goal in achieving a competitive advantage, but today, it has become a must-have requirement for businesses. Choosing a comprehensive cloud provider helps businesses win the digital transformation game. But instead of approaching it as the ultimate goal, businesses should use cloud computing as a factor to promote digital transformation and a resource for continuous development and innovation.

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