Lien Quan Mobile: List of generals rotate from 02/12 to 08/12
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 Lien Quan Mobile: List of generals rotate from 02/12 to 08/12

Lien Quan Mobile: List of generals rotate from 02/12 to 08/12

List of free generals by week

Lien Quan Mobile is an extremely attractive strategy game, which helps players unleash their talents, asserting their talents. Have the opportunity to join the challenge with millions of other players, through the fierce battle.

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Currently, Lien Quan Mobile has a total of 67 generals, divided into 5 categories: Blocking, Gladiator, Assassin, Mage, Gunner, Assistant. Each week there will be more free heroes for players to freely choose. Below is a list of free generals from December 2, 2019 to December 8, 2019:

List of free generals by week from December 2 to December 8

Every Monday at the beginning of the week there will be a list of free generals for players to freely choose. From Level 1 to Level 8, you can use the following 7 Prime Ministers:

  • Gildur.
  • Yorn.
  • Krixi.
  • Thane.
  • Van Helsing.
  • Trieu Van.
  • Omega.

And from Level 9 and above will experience the following generals:

1. Qi – Master Dumpling

Skill set:

  • The Noble Phantasm: Unleashes a Self-Defense Leg, max stacking 3 times, increasing by 50 armor each.
    If the attack hits an enemy, the next 2 basic attacks increase 100% attack speed and cause 40% more physical damage, and restore 60 health.
  • Chasing Attorneys: 7 second cooldown, consuming 45/50/55/60/65/70 energy. Surf in the direction indicated, dealing 200/240/280/320/360/400 physical damage to enemies standing on the road.
  • Chan Thien Chuong: Cooldown 10 / 9.6 / 9.2 / 8.8 / 8.4 / 8 seconds, consuming 60/65/70/75/80/85 energy. Using Air Leg hits the enemy in front of them, each hit deals 75/90/105/120/135/150 physical damage and reduces 15/22/29/36/43/50 enemy armor. Stacks up to 5 times in 5 seconds.
  • Attorney General: Cooldown 35/30/25 seconds, consumes 100/115/130 energy. Attacks forward dealing 240/360/480 physical damage and knocking back enemies. Enemies knocked back into the terrain are subjected to an additional 80/120/160 physical damage and stun for 1.5 seconds. Afterwards, dash towards the target for 160/240/320 physical damage to enemies on the track.
Qi - Dumpling Master
Qi – Dumpling Master

2. Lindis – Hermit Ngan

Skill set:

  • Ambush (Passive): Moving between the grass helps to speed up the fleeting movement, while causing the next basic attack to fire 2 times.
  • Moonlight: 5 second cooldown, 80 energy. Summon the moon to illuminate the surrounding and detect enemies for 5 seconds, maxing up 2 bonus points.
  • Crescent Cooldown 2 seconds, energy 60. Create a trap that lasts up to 2 minutes at the target. When in contact with the enemy the trap will make the target appear, and create an area that slows down 30% movement speed and deals 360 physical damage after a brief moment.
  • Nguyet photo: Has 2 second cooldown, energy is 30. Summon illusion to attack enemies, dealing 160 physical damage with effects on the attack.
Lindis - the Hermit of the Moon
Lindis – the Hermit of the Moon

3. Batman – The dark knight

Skill set:

  • Wanted (Passive): Getting close to enemy champions will increase your movement speed by 20%.
  • Claw vacuum: Cooldown 5 seconds, mana cost 50. Batman swings his fist at the enemy with a vacuum claw, dealing physical damage. An ill-fated victim nearby will be attacked randomly and take the same amount of damage.
  • Bat darts: Cooldown 9 seconds, mana cost 80. Batman launches his famous bat dart, dealing physical damage while slowing the target’s speed. After 3 seconds, an additional 24% of the health is lost as physical damage.
  • Night bat: 40 second cooldown, mana cost 120. After 1.5 seconds Batman hides himself in the dark and becomes invisible for up to 30 seconds. When approaching 6m next to the enemy for more than 3 seconds, the invisibility will automatically stop.
Batman - Dark Knight
Batman – Dark Knight

4. The Flash – The Flash Hero

Skill set:

  • Divine Power (Passive): Receiving 1 point of force after every 4m of movement, when accumulated 4 points will strengthen yourself next attack to help surf the target, dealing 90 magic damage and slowing the target’s speed by 50%.
  • High-speed journey: Glides swiftly, dealing 200 magic damage to hit enemies along the way.
  • Quick punch: Launches a chain of succession that attacks enemies 5 times in 0.8 seconds, each dealing 120 magic damage, especially the last punch can deal double damage, and helps yourself increase 80% speed in 2 seconds.
  • Vacuum cyclone: Running around creates a vacuum vortex that prevents yourself from being targeted and deals 80 magic damage to enemies within range, in return reducing 40% of your movement speed for 2 seconds.
The Flash - The Flash bolt
The Flash – The Flash bolt

5. Payna – Guardian of the Forest God

Skill set:

  • High bar: 10 second cooldown, when attacked counterattack, gives attacker 200 Magic Damage and reduces movement speed by 90% for 1 second.
  • Holy light: Cooldown 20/19/18/17/16/15 seconds, energy used 100/120/140/160/180/200. Applies magical light to a small area around himself, healing 60/80/100/120/140/160 health (plus 10% of target’s missing health), per second to nearby allied champions Time boost for all enemies in the area 25/30/35/40/45/50% attack speed for 3 seconds.
  • Syntax: Cooldown 10 seconds, energy used 70/75/80/85/90/95. Call the owl to attack the enemy, dealing 200 magic damage and stunning, maximum 6 attacks, 1 target will be attacked multiple times.
  • Boundary of life: Cooldown 60/50/40 seconds, energy used 120/140/160. The energy capacitor creates a barrier, helping nearby allies to gain 200 armor, enemies within every 0.5 seconds will take 250/310/370 magic damage to the enemy every 0.5 seconds and decelerate to run 20%. Enemies standing in the barrier for 2 seconds will be stunned for 1.5 seconds. Moving or launching skills after 0.6 seconds will sever the barrier.
Payna - Guardian of the Forest God
Payna – Guardian of the Forest God

6. Max – Motorized Child prodigy

Skill set:

  • Charge (Internal): All Max damage causes targets to become Charged, taking 30 standard damage per second for 3 seconds. During this time, the victim’s recovery is reduced by 25%.
  • Semiconductor Hand: The cooldown is 5 seconds, the energy is 55. Reaching for the spinning arm attacks the nearby enemy, dealing 300 physical damage.
  • High Voltage Motor: 12 second cooldown, energy is 65. Leaping over the target and getting electrocuted causes the victim to be briefly shocked, while also giving himself an electromagnetic shield that increases his immunity by 15% for 3 seconds.
  • Ballistic Radars: 70 second cooldown, energy is 140. Activate radar to scan enemies, detecting enemy heroes at extremely long range and interrupting the return of victims in the effective area.
Max - Motorized Child prodigy
Max – Motorized Child prodigy

Each week there will be 6 free generals for players to choose, each general will have their own skill sets. Now choose a suitable champion.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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