Experience the ROG Phone Gaming Monster: Lien Quan 3.0 or PUBG Mobile HDR weighs it all - Photo 1.

Lien Quan 3.0 or PUBG Mobile "HDR" is good enough

ROG Phone is Asus' first gaming smartphone and has been studied for about two years before it was released. Products equipped with 6 inch Amoled screen, FullHD + resolution, 90 Hz scan frequency, 1 ms response speed. Like Razer Phone or Xiaomi BlackShark, ROG Phone is well designed for gamers. Rear ROG logo has RGB LED backlight, custom color according to available software. ROG Phone is also the first smartphone in the world equipped with steam chamber 3. Technology uses Snapdragon 845 chip and is overclocked from 2.8 GHz to 2.96 GHz. Adreno 630 graphics chip is also customized. RAM memory up to 8 GB and the highest ROM version up to 512GB.

ROG Phone Snapdragon 845 chip with 8GB RAM, 512GB ROM.

So the genuine sold machine up to more than 1000 USD will work how to experience the early hot games launched in 2019, as well as the old titles but improved graphics? Below is a specific assessment:

1. Coalition Mobile 3.0

Experience the ROG Phone Gaming Monster: Lien Quan 3.0 or PUBG Mobile HDR weighs all - Photo 2.

Version 3.0 of the Mobile Union really creates a revolution in the graphic aspect for this mobile nation MOBA game. In setting HD graphics, images at high level of detail, Lien Quan Mobile will give players beautiful scenes with dark light contrast effect, water waves effect, environmental effects with dust Grass shook, … ROG Phone has no trouble with Lien Quan Mobile 3.0 the highest graphics level. When switching to 10v10 – mode which makes smartphones 2-3 years old or older slowly, the device still has a stable frame of 60fps.

2. PUBG Mobile HDR graphics level

Experience the ROG Phone Gaming Monster: Lien Quan 3.0 or PUBG Mobile HDR weighs all - Photo 3.

To play PUBG Mobile, the smartphone must meet some minimum criteria such as strong hardware configuration, large storage capacity, large RAM and "buffalo" battery. In the game settings, there will be graphics levels such as Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR and Ultra HD. Many gamers are willing to sacrifice the voyeuristic images in exchange for a smooth experience, without jerking lag when playing PUBG Mobile.

But with ROG Phone, the PUBG Mobile-enabled device unlocks the HDR graphics level. Practical experience, the frame is very stable when you rotate the mind continuously in indoor and outdoor environments. Light effects when roaming characters are also displayed very sharp and true. ROG Phone is one of the most ideal smartphones to fight PUBG Mobile even at HDR level.

3. Durango: Wild Lands

Experience the ROG Phone Gaming Monster: League of Heroes 3.0 or PUBG Mobile HDR all weighs in - Photo 4.

Durango: Wild Lands can be said as one of Nexon's most long-term development games. This is a survival game that is highly appreciated by the gaming community by deep gameplay, many attractive community interaction features. The gameplay and graphic style and creature in Durango are considered to have many similarities with the super product ARK: Survival Evolved on PC. Too much experience before this large open world game with ROG Phone is very smooth with ingame images with high sharpness, smooth effects.

4. Modern Combat 5

Experience the ROG Phone Gaming Monster: League 3.0 or PUBG Mobile HDR weighs all - Photo 5.

The famous shooter series from Gameloft will definitely be indispensable in the experience list. Graphics shown in the game may deserve two words "top notch". The new engine application has the ability to optimize mobile processors, the game gives players a sense of authenticity as possible, each fire effect, water splashes or smoky smoke is shown in a detailed way. The most detailed in the game. ROG Phone easily conquers the game and gives gamers spectacular scenes with an irreplaceable explosion effect.

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