"Li Huanying" Douban scored 8.2 points, No. 1 word-of-mouth in the Spring Festival stalls, contracting the Spring Festival laughs and tears

“Li Huanying” Douban scored 8.2 points, No. 1 word-of-mouth in the Spring Festival stalls, contracting the Spring Festival laughs and tears

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It is not new for actors to be directors across borders, but there are not many good works, especially directorial debuts.

Jia Ling, as a sketch actor, is farther away from the film industry, but she succeeded, holding out a Douban 8.2 work, which put pressure on the limelight of other directors in the Spring Festival file.

With the rising reputation, “Hello, Li Huanying” also achieved a counterattack at the box office. On the fourth day of its release, it beat “Detective Chinatown 3” to win the box office of the day. According to Maoyan box office predictions, “Hello, Li Huanying” had a total box office It is expected to break 5.2 billion, hitting the second largest box office in film history.

Jia Ling is certainly not a genius, “Hello, Li Huanying” is not an impeccable masterpiece, but she does the simplest and most difficult thing, which is serious and sincere.

After reading “Li Huanying”, the editor thought of the scoring standards for Chinese composition questions in the senior high school entrance examination. Most of them have such a few items, which are genuine, prominent, reasonable in structure, and accurate in language. However, these items are basically of the second category. Volume is a relatively good narrative.

These items are not difficult, but they are enough to eliminate most of the candidates and make countless candidates complain. The grading standard draws a passing line, but it has become a skyline that many students cannot reach…

If “Li Huanying” is understood as a composition, it can only reach the standard of a second-class essay, but it is enough to kill all the works in the Spring Festival file.

“Li Huanying” is adapted from the story of Jia Ling’s late mother. Jia Ling had just been admitted to college. His father and mother went to pass the straw together. Unexpectedly, the straw was too high, and her mother fell from the top and hurt her brain. Died unexpectedly. More than ten years later, Jia Ling searched the bits and pieces of getting along with her mother and completed the film.

As a work full of personal memories, most directors will choose the method of shooting literary films. Most masterpieces in film history were born like this, among which the representative ones are “My Childhood” and “I Am Sam”. But Jia Ling did not choose this path. Instead, she chose a more secure method, nesting the genre frame, and creating it into a commercial film with a wider audience.

The film uses “traversal” to connect Li Huanying in the past and Jia Ling now, allowing Jia Ling to travel back to 1981 to meet her young mother. There are many movies that play “Crossing the Terrier”, such as “Back to the Future” and “Peggy Sue Is Going to Be a Monk”, and the domestic movie “Charlotte Annoyance” is more recent.

Once I found my story and wrote an outline, I had to think about how to write the article. Jia Ling’s approach is also very simple. There are three kinds of true love in the world, family affection, friendship, and love. Therefore, “Li Huanying” unfolds along these three emotions and forms a complete three-act structure.

In the first act, friendship, Li Huanying and rival Yuqin compete for first place, and the sisters unite and win the tennis match. In the second act, love, the factory director’s son Shen Guanglin has a secret crush on Li Huanying, but Li Huanying marries Jia Wentian. In the third act, family affection, Jia Xiaoling knew that she had traveled to 1981 long before her, and silently helped her.

The structure needs to be supplemented. This is Jia Ling’s masterpiece. Jia Ling is an actor in the sketch. The most important thing about the sketch is to make the audience laugh in a single scene within ten minutes. The same is true for movies. Jia Ling estimates I put all the clips that I have accumulated for more than ten years in the film, enough to make you laugh from beginning to end.

The last is the theme. Regarding mother and daughter and family relationship, Jia Ling has deducted it from beginning to end. This is where Jia Ling’s original intention lies, and it is also the best part of “Li Huanying”.

At the end of the film, Jia Xiaoling, who thought she had fulfilled her mother’s dream, looked back and realized that her mother had returned to the past long before her and helped her complete Jia Xiaoling’s dream.

This is the biggest teardrop point of the film. Li Huanying in the film is the epitome of countless parents. They want to be in front of you regardless of whether you are rich or poor or rich, happy or sad, your parents will always be your backing. , Home is also your eternal safe haven.

In the film, Li Huanying said repeatedly “I only hope that my daughter can be healthy and happy.” I believe that countless children have also listened to their mothers. But such a simple expectation has the power of thunder in the film. Cried everyone.

“Hello, Li Huanying” talks about the most traditional filial piety in China, “the child wants to be nurtured but the relative is no longer”. Numerous examples in life have confirmed this sentence, but it is still so prickly on the big screen. Simple, knowing is easy and hard to do, the simplest truth is also the most difficult to do.

This narrative essay by Jia Ling is not a perfect essay, but just a “second-class essay”, but it has touched countless audiences who walked into the cinema. Its value lies in the sincerity of emotion and respect for the laws of the movie.

“Hello, Li Huanying” is a simple and affectionate work. It will make you cry happily and laugh happily in the cinema. It is the first work of a sketch actor and a work that finds the “initial heart” of the movie.


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