Li Dan Kai Mai 2020 TapTap Game of the Year Awards

The most popular mobile game community platform in China, TapTap brings together a large number of the most creative mobile games at home and abroad. There are also a large number of players who love mobile games in the community to share their views and opinions on the game, and the TapTap score has become a Chinese mobile game. One of the recognized evaluation standards in the market. Therefore, the TapTap Annual Game Awards at the end of each year has also become the “year-end summary” of the mobile game industry, and the selection results to some extent represent the best results achieved in the game field in the past year.

The most worth mentioning is that the TapTap Annual Game Awards also added a wonderful awards show at 18:00 on January 28 (reservation address: The awards show specially invited talk show celebrity Li Dan as the host. At the same time, the popular game anchor Queen Salt co-hosted the awards show. The well-known game “Tomorrow’s Ark” producer Sea Cat, the well-loved well-known game UP host Heitong Google, well-known Game media professionals Zhu Jiayin, Youyanshe Chu Yunfan, and Zhao Xia were also invited to attend. While awarding the award-winning mobile games, they also gathered to discuss their views on these award-winning games.

List of major awards

At the end of each year, TapTap selects the most fun and memorable mobile games of the year in the form of “Game of the Year Awards”. This year’s awards will select the most closely watched 6-dimensional awards, and each award will be voted by professional judges in the industry.

Jury lineup

This year’s awards invited 34 industry professional judges to participate in the selection, they were from “game developers, media, game anchors”. In addition to game producers, TapTap also specially invited practitioners from professional fields such as art, drama, and music this year. They will nominate and vote for the most authoritative professional awards in six different dimensions.

[Best Game]Finalists:

Most of the works in this competition for the best game are mobile game masterpieces with industry reputation and sales, so the competition is also extremely fierce. Among them, the two-dimensional open-world game “Original God” that is popular all over the world and the long-awaited “Hero” by players The finalists of “Alliance Mobile Games” are all expected; and the representative of Chinese style on the shortlist, “The End of the World and Bright Moon Knife” mobile game is also one of the most watched hot games this year; the impact of the 3A action mobile game “Pascal Contract” and “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River”, which is full of humanity, unique style and many times out of the circle, were also shortlisted. The Rusty Lake Company, known for its “Rust Lake Series”, took part in the competition for the award with its new work “White Gate”.

[Best gameplay]Shortlist:

This year’s[Best Gameplay]games are the best in the field of their own good gameplay. For example, the aforementioned “Pascal Contract” was also shortlisted for this award, with its unique “soul-like” gameplay and smooth stand-alone ACT experience. Beloved by players; already proven in overseas markets, the boutique card mobile game “Sword and Crusade” has also conquered many players with mature placement gameplay; and decrypted RPG mobile games “Legend of the Guardian” and action roguelike mobile games “War Soul Inscription” and the music creation game “ACE Virtual Singer” have also made breakthroughs and innovations in their respective gameplay, and have won the attention of many players. This year’s competition for the[Best Gameplay]award is quite exciting.

[Best Vision]Shortlist:

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the mobile game market and technology, players’ requirements for game graphics continue to increase. This year’s[Best Visual]shortlist is a good proof of this. Nominated for[Best Game]”The Original God” was again shortlisted for this award. Its beautiful two-dimensional painting style and ultra-high-precision art performance are important reasons for its shortlist; and the ancient style that was popularly searched many times in the first half of last year The simulated management mobile game “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River” has conquered many players with the highly recognizable ancient ink painting style; the classic Chinese martial arts mobile game “Tianya Mingyue Knife” also inherits the classic and exquisite graphics of the end game , And also do a very good job in screen optimization.

In addition, the Japanese-style RPG “Forked Road Traveler” IP mobile game “Forked Road Traveler: Overlord of the Mainland”, and the beautiful pixel-style adventure mobile game “Summer Chaser” all have their own characteristics on the screen. Judging from the screen, these works are absolutely eligible to compete for the[Best Visual]award, making it difficult to choose.

[Best Narrative]Shortlist:

If the gameplay is the heart of a game, then the storytelling is the soul of the game. A good narrative can bring players a better immersive experience. This time[the best narrative]is to select a “story” from the army of mobile games. “The best work.

Among the shortlisted works, the card mobile game “The Witcher: Gwent: The Fall of Throne”, derived from the classic IP “Witcher” series, is well-loved by players for its solid plot tasks and high degree of freedom of plot selection; a typical JRPG player The tour “Another Eden: Cat Beyond Time and Space” runs through the entire work with a huge worldview. The rich plot story is its selling point; the decrypted mobile game “Mr. Pumpkin 2 Kowloon Walled City”, which is based on real scenes, uses absurd reality The doctrine of narrative techniques restores the bitterness of the life of the poor under the real “Kowloon Walled City” in the game. It has to be said that the performance of these shortlisted works in terms of plots is unparalleled, and they are all very good, and they are deeply loved by the majority of players.

In addition, the time-theme decryption game “The Craftsman” and the text reasoning mobile game “The Summer of the Mist” also appeared on the[Best Narrative]candidate list.

[Best Music]Shortlist:

Perhaps for many players, the quality of the game music is irrelevant. But in fact, behind a good game, the importance of music is no less than the story and the picture. Excellent game music can create a better game atmosphere, enhance the expressiveness of the picture, and bring a more comfortable game experience to the player, and vice versa.

The finalists for this award are all outstanding performances in game music. For example, “Forked Traveler: The Overlord of the Mainland” inherits the strong fantasy based on “retro” and “tradition” in Japanese RPG in music. The style emphasizes the use of melody and rhythm to quickly invoke the player’s emotions to help players better substituting into the game and fighting; and the action decryption game “Cell Lost” launched by Rhea Game, which is famous for its music games, is extremely musical. The high standard, the shocking ethereal BGM and the elegant ending song make the player instantly intoxicated; the 3D shadow manipulation puzzle adventure game “Death Felix” takes music as one of the core elements of the game, using music dance + death The wonderful combination provides players with an alternative decryption adventure experience.

In addition, “Another Eden: A Cat Beyond Time and Space” and “Original God” are also shortlisted for the[Best Music]candidate list. They also use different musical expressions to shape the colorful game world. .

[Best Independent Game]Shortlist:

With the vigorous development of the mobile game market, the original niche indie games have quickly come to the fore, gradually entering the public’s field of vision, and becoming a new growth point in the game industry. This[Best Indie Game]shortlisted works are exactly the five outstanding performances last year Independent mobile game.

Among the shortlisted works, the Galactic Castle-like mobile game “Dead Cell” from France is a masterpiece with very good reputation and sales in recent years; and the cyberpunk adventure puzzle mobile game “Lone Sail” is known for its unique apocalyptic paintings. The windy and evocative adventure experience has also won the favor of many players; the simulated audio game “The Pianist” also uses classical music and modern rhythm gameplay in a way that has been well received;

In addition, the “Pascal Contract” and “White Gate”, which were shortlisted for the[Best Game]were also shortlisted for the[Best Independent Game]award.

Finally, if your favorite game is on the list, please click on the link to make an appointment for the TapTap awards show.


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