Li appeared in figure? Wang Junkai's new drama? Cai Xukun Spring Festival Gala?

Li appeared in figure? Wang Junkai’s new drama? Cai Xukun Spring Festival Gala?

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Hello, today is the editor again, and I will share with you the latest celebrities.

Li Xian

Li Xian and Zhizhi were called “present boyfriends” by netizens. In addition to superb acting skills, Li Xian’s social status is also quite high, and Li Xian’s figure is also the focus of netizens. Recently, the image of Li Xian has also aroused heated discussions among netizens. As we all know, celebrities generally have figure management, and the requirements for figure are still very strict. After all, stars have to create different roles. Sometimes they play stronger roles, and their bodies need to match them. And if the figure is very stylish, many fans will come to the circle one after another. The figure has always been well managed, and the requirements are still very strict, so Li’s current reputation in the entertainment circle is still quite high.

Wang Junkai

The movie “731” was officially launched. I believe that many Wang Junkai fans are very surprised when they hear this news! But while surprised, everyone was worried, after all, the weather was really bad. If it’s just a simple trip to the snow-capped mountains, it should be fine. However, if you want to work in the snow-capped mountains, you may lose interest. Of course, although netizens are not very optimistic about Wang Junkai’s shooting environment.

Cai Xukun

This year, Hunan Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve Spring Festival Gala, Cai Xukun’s work appeared as the finale, and Cai Xukun, who appeared on the finale, brought the song “Lover”, which is also his out-of-circle work. As the ceiling of the party’s traffic, Cai Xukun will end the party with perfect effects, and look forward to Kun Kun getting better and better in the future to bring more exciting programs.

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing, I like it, everyone can like it, thank you all!


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