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LG W-series leak: "Water drop" design, thin by 1 pencil, runs 12nm chip, 4000mAh battery, …

The new LG W-series will be LG focused on the second most populous market in the world, India.

LG recently announced that it is launching a brand new product line in the Indian market called LG W-series. This new smartphone will only be distributed online by LG on Amazon India e-commerce site.

Based on information from the Amazon website in this country, we can predict some details about the design of the new W-series. And recently, a series of new rumors have been revealed to reveal some configuration parameters of the devices of this line.

Specifically, LG W-series smartphones will have a "water drop" screen design, equipped with a 3-camera cluster and a fingerprint sensor on the back. The device will also be sold with 3 gradient color options. Sources also indicate that the device is only as thin as a pencil.

Sforum - Latest technology information page LG-W-Series-thickness LG W-series leak: Design

Regarding the accompanying chip, reports reveal that the processor on this LG W device will be produced with a 12nm process at 2GHz. With a 12nm process at 2GHz, we can predict some chips like Qualcomm's MediaTek Helio P22 or P60 or Snapdragon 439. In addition to being heavily focused on AI features, the chip is likely to be Helio P60.

Sforum - Latest technology information page LG-W-Series LG W-series leak: Design

In terms of battery capacity, LG W-series will have a massive 4000mAh capacity battery, promising an impressive battery life with just one full charge. LG Boombox audio technology will also be included.

Sforum - Latest LG-W-Series-battery technology information page LG W-series leak: Design Sforum - Latest technology information page LG-W-Series-Boombox LG W-series leak: Design

LG W-series will be available on Android 9 Pie platform as soon as it is sold, and it will definitely be updated to Android Q as soon as possible with security patches.

Sforum - Latest technology information page LG-W-Series-Android-9-Pie LG W-series leak: Design

LG has yet to confirm any rumors regarding the new LG W-series smartphones. The launch date and the specific price of the device have not been disclosed, however, we can expect it to be released this summer for a reasonable price.

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