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LG registered a series of phone names, ready to launch a whole range of new smartphone series

In the coming time, it seems that LG will choose easy-to-listen and easier-to-call names for its flagship models, in order to replace the traditional way of placing it now too boring for many users.

Earlier this year, LG released its flagship smartphone as LG G8 ThinQ as the successor version of LG G7 ThinQ. After that, this Korean company continued to launch LG V50 ThinQ with the ability to connect many unique accessories.

Now a new report has just announced that LG has applied to license four new smartphone brands. New trademark applications submitted by LG on the KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Information Service Center) on 7 July 2019 are called G10, G20, G30 and G40.

Thus, it can be seen that LG is following other firms to ignore the odd odd numbers and instead use even numbers to name their future G-series smartphones. According to Letsgodigital, the Korean company can release new G series smartphones around February 2020. Unfortunately, the configuration of these models has not been revealed yet.

Besides, it is not clear whether LG decided to remove ThinQ on the device. Since the flagship G7 ThinQ, LG has continuously included this text on the official product name which makes the call more lengthy, affecting advertising activities.

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