LG launches firmware to reduce the problem of "swallowing" dark details on OLED TVs - VnReview

LG launches firmware to reduce the problem of “swallowing” dark details on OLED TVs – VnReview

While this error cannot be completely fixed, the Korean company’s firmware update also helps to minimize it.

As VnReview reported late last year, many users of LG OLED TVs reflected that dark details were “swallowed up” when VRR mode was activated. This phenomenon occurs on both 2019 and 2020 OLED TVs, black becomes rampant, causing loss of detail in dark areas, sometimes there is a very annoying flash.

Technology page FlatpanelsHD note, the topics discussed in forums and on the Internet appear a lot. Even in the review of their Xbox Series X console also encountered this phenomenon. LG previously admitted to Forbes about this situation, showing that this is a problem due to the TV’s hardware, not from the user side.

FlatpanelsHD’s LG GX also had a black “loss” when evaluating the Xbox Series X (photo: FlatpanelsHD).

Recently, LG has started rolling out new firmware to fix the problem. The company said the update “can minimize the black phenomenon that ‘swallows’ the surrounding details that the user has experienced”. The received models are 2020, including BX, CX, GX and ZX. The company will update customers in the US and Europe first, then roll out gradually in other regions.

The update brings a “Fine Tune Dark Areas” feature to adjust black levels in VRR mode. User access to the address Pictures> Additional Settings to use. However, owners of LG OLED TV models should note that it does not completely solve the problem. Because this error is rooted in the LG Display panel itself.

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