Lexus LS: Luxurious experience makes one fall in love

Lexus LS: Luxurious experience makes one fall in love

Lexus LS Concept – The technological direction of Lexus

Every luxury car maker in the world has cars that represent the brand’s technological direction. For Lexus, it is the Lexus LS Concept. In the 2017 Tokyo Expo, Lexus has unveiled the all-new Lexus LS Concept. LS Concept is the perfect combination of a fossil fuel engine with an electric motor. The car is also integrated with self-driving technology – the trend of the car in the period after 2020.

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Like the 2015 Concept, LS Concept 2017 applies the latest Lexus L-Finesse design philosophy. The bodywork is slimmer and sharper than the Lexus models that have been put into commercial production. The first part of the Concept 2017 model also has a pretty impressive design with a grille The Spindle Grille and the front lights are in the form of “LED strips”.

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In terms of technology, Lexus LS Concept has two big bright spots. The first is self-driving technology with a name The latest Highway Teammate researched by Lexus. It is expected that Lexus will also bring this technology to high-end cars sold in 2020-2021 produced by this company.

The other bright spot is the fact that the Concept 2017 model is integrated with AL (full name: Artificial Intelligence) technology. This technology will play the role of specifically analyzing the traffic situation: topography, roads … to help the driver move safely and more effectively.

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The presence of Lexus LS Concept has partly shown a strong breakthrough of Lexus in the “game” in the luxury segment. Moreover, customers who love Lexus cars will also have more predictive information that is both accurate and useful to prepare for future car buying options.

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