Lexus LC500 review: super luxury car, top performance

Lexus LC500 review: super luxury car, top performance

Lexus LC500 new generation outstanding design, super luxury car style and top performance promises to bring many exciting driving experiences.

Review new generation Lexus LC500 exterior

A sporty look, but still exuding a luxurious look that stands out from the crowd is something that few super luxury cars currently own. The Coupe is 4,760 mm long, but thanks to the soft lines, the LC500 looks slim and neat.

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The front end is eye-catching thanks to the company’s traditional spindle-shaped grille design. 3-ball smart LED headlight system with fancy design, extending to the sides, the capo is also lengthened to help the overall vehicle harmony.

The elongated hood and curved tail claws like that of a jet roof, characteristic for immediate recognition of the LC. Convex door handles create a strong impression, the laser is equipped with a 21-inch multi-spoke aluminum alloy. The rear is fancy and arrogant thanks to the slender rear lights with unique light effects and the tail spoiler.

Thanks to the use of materials such as carbon fiber, composite, steel … as well as monolithic unibody chassis, the car is light weight but still ensures optimal durability. Mass on the vehicle is evenly distributed forward and back to balance the center of gravity.

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Lexus LC500 interior review

The interior compartment is oriented towards a sporty design but still has to be ensured elegance and sophistication. The seat is designed like a racing car seat when hugging the occupant’s back, helping to keep the position even if the vehicle changes direction suddenly. However, because it is a Coupe table, the rear seats are not really comfortable for people of height. The dashboard is designed in a horizontal direction with the driver center. In the interior compartment, most of the high-quality materials are used to provide a comfortable space for the user.

Lexus Lc500 Bodykit

High-performance engine block

The Lexus LC500 is equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 petrol engine that is naturally aspirated. The new generation Lexus LC500 focuses heavily on practicality to bring the most authentic driving experience.

Thanks to the remarkable improvement in the light-weight but high-rigidity handrail system, the valve assemblies are made from good heat-resistant titanium, a 10-speed automatic transmission, a new electronic control system on the gearbox … help increase engine efficiency.

Price Lexus LC500

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The Lexus LC500 is a competitor of the BMW 8 – Series Coupe and the Mercedes S – Class Coupe in the super luxury Coupe segment. However, like other luxury Lexus models, the Lexus LC500 is not very popular in Vietnam because of its high price tag.

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