Lévis Nearly $ 500,000 seized by the DPCP

Lévis Nearly $ 500,000 seized by the DPCP

The guilty plea of ​​a man from Lévis allowed the director of criminal and penal prosecutions to get his hands on Friday $ 408,000 in cash which will be returned to the Attorney General of Quebec as proceeds of crime.

Between the 1er November 2019 and May 12, 2020, Jean-Philippe Turmel, 28, engaged in drug trafficking, mainly methamphetamines, cannabis resin as well as cocaine.

“The investigation carried out by the police officers of the Police Department of the city of Lévis began in April after they had received certain information and it ended in May with three searches which took place at the accused’s home, in his Mercedes brand car as well as his parents’, briefly summarized the prosecutor, Me Jean-Simon Larouche.

During the searches, the police were able to get hold of 54,500 methamphetamine tablets, mainly hidden in the residence of Turmel’s parents, 271g of cannabis resin and 1216g of cocaine.

“A large amount of cash has also been found and we are going to ask you to have it seized for the benefit of the Attorney General of Quebec as proceeds of crime,” added Mr.e Larouche.

Before the lawyers unveil the joint suggestion they intended to make to judge Christian Boulet, Turmel’s lawyer, Mr.e Serge Matte made it clear that his client, in his statement to the police “completely exonerated his parents” who were “not to the facts that their son had hidden drugs and money at home”.

As Turmel has a background in similar matters and the last sentence imposed on him by the Tribunal was one of 42 months, the parties suggested to the President of the Tribunal to sentence the man, this time, to a penalty of 57 months in jail, which the judge agreed to do.


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