Levis |  Estate of his father He cheats on his mother and brother for $ 2.8 million

Levis | Estate of his father He cheats on his mother and brother for $ 2.8 million

A resident of Lévis took advantage of his father’s death to “cheat” his family by diverting all the inheritance into a numbered company in his name.

The dispute between Frédéric Rodrigue and his relatives, about the inheritance of Michel Rodrigue, has enough to return the father to his grave. When he died in March 2016, Michel Rodrigue had left all of his property, including two businesses, to his two sons and his ex-wife.

Offering himself as liquidator, Frédéric Rodrigue had obtained the confidence of his mother and his brother, in addition to receiving remuneration to take care of the case. Among the professionals with whom they did business, a tax expert suggested that they create a numbered company, allowing tax savings.

However, unbeknownst to all, Frédéric Rodrigue had incorporated a second company, of which he was the sole shareholder, only to then sign a cash advance of $ 2.5 million to his brother and his mother, leading them to believe that ‘these were papers related to the creation of the first entity. “The signing of documents was always done quickly, because Frederic was in a hurry”, argued his relatives.

Listen to the judicial column of ex-judge Nicole Gibeault on QUB radio :

$ 2.5M

With these documents, Frédéric Rodrigue made the payment of the $ 2.5 million by means of six checks to his company. He then donated over $ 550,000 to his wife, Sonemany Chanhda, which will be used to purchase the family home.

In addition, $ 1.5 million was transferred in American currency, scattered in Saint-Martin and New York, in particular. In the meantime, the relationship between mother and son has deteriorated and communications have ceased.

It was only when legal proceedings were initiated, in October 2017, that Frédéric’s mother became aware of the pot aux roses which allowed her to appropriate almost all of the $ 2.8 million of the inheritance left. By his father. However, with the exception of the residence, only $ 38,000 has been traced.

Inexcusable error

Before the Superior Court, Frédéric Rodrigue argued that his relatives “did not read the documents and that they were mistaken about their content, they are the only ones responsible, committing an inexcusable error”.

The judge, however, determined that he intended to “defraud” his brother and his mother.

The “subterfuge” of Frédéric Rodrigue and his wife means that “the creditors will probably not be able to recover all the sums owed by Frédéric”, wrote the judge Carl Thibault in his decision, while canceling all the financial maneuvers carried out by the defendant since the death of his father.


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