Lévis 18 months in prison for a fraudster

Lévis 18 months in prison for a fraudster

A woman from Lévis who defrauded her employer for $ 137,000 even as she pleaded guilty to fraud in a first case was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Natacha Côté.  18-month prison sentence

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Natacha Côté. 18-month prison sentence

In 2017, Natacha Côté was working in the management of payroll and financial statements for a company when she was caught defrauding by transferring additional amounts to her personal bank account. Accused in this case, the woman was nevertheless arrested again in August 2018, this time for a total fraud of $ 137,000.

From her second day of work in this company in Lévis, she had started stealing money again, this time to reimburse her first victim as well as to “buy the love of a new spouse”.

Financial structure

The breach of trust was costly for the second employer, who had to rebuild the financial structure of his company, without the $ 137,000 being recovered. Indeed, the accused spent all the money to pay for “extravagant” things, said judge Marie-Claude Gilbert.

The 37-year-old woman says she has realized since the facts and expressed the desire to reimburse $ 28,000 to her ex-employer. Still, her commitments will be difficult to meet given that Natacha Côté is now unfit for work and that she will have to spend the next 18 months in detention.


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