Leukorrhea: white vaginal discharge

Leukorrhea: white vaginal discharge

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THE leukorrhea it is a physiological vaginal secretion of women. The following is some information on how this form of discharge manifests itself and its function in the functioning of the vagina.

  • Milky white leukorrhea

  • Main function of white secretion

  • Leukorrhea in pregnancy

  • When to worry

Milky white leukorrhea

The white secretions produced by the vagina appear at the time of puberty and accompany the woman throughout her life. They have a slimy white appearance and are located at the entrance to the vulva. Its release, which can be light or abundant, varies from woman to woman and according to the fertile period.

Main function of white secretion

This secretion plays an important role in clean and lubricate the vagina. At the time of ovulation, it helps sperm to reach the uterus and fertilize the egg. Odorless, in most cases, the presence of this secretion can be unpleasant and cause women to use daily protectors to reduce the feeling of humidity in the region.

Leukorrhea in pregnancy

White secretions during pregnancy are not a problem, as they have the objective of humidify the vagina. If this loss becomes too liquid and abundant, the bag may have ruptured, which indicates the imminence of childbirth. In these cases, a doctor should be sought urgently.

When to worry

A change in the consistency and color of this secretion can be a symptom of some disease. Dark colors, strong odor or glue-like appearance may indicate vaginal infections by fungi or bacteria, especially if they are accompanied by itching, burning, pain in the lower abdomen or discomfort during intercourse. In such cases, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist.

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