Let’s take a look, this is the monk frame! “Monk Frame Anime” Special Anime Column

How are you all doing today, when you feel the arrival of winter is imminent?
Contrary to such a formal greeting, this time we will have an anime column for “Monk Frame”
I’m thinking of writing it.

It will be a long sentence as usual
I hope you will read it when you have time.

  1. What is a monk frame in the first place?

    1. Actual situation
    2. Dark period
    3. The dawn of the legend
    4. Hit or miss
    5. Adult kidzania
    6. Blatant
    7. Transformation
  2. Monk frame animation general comment

    1. Personal impression: Monk frame, oh, monk frame

What is a monk frame in the first place?

Image source: © Maomi Leon / Kujo-kun’s worldly desires watching party

Occasionally when I use the word “monk frame” in reviews
I get comments like “What is a monk frame?”
The word monk frame has not become a common language for otaku.
It is regrettable as a monk frame lover (laughs)

In the first place, there is an animation that is the etymology of “monk frame”.
That is the first work of the monk frame, “On the night of lust to meet the monk …”.
As the title suggests, this work is a work in which a monk appears.
The title of this work is called “monk frame”,
The word itself is currently being formalized.

To briefly explain, if you meet your first love partner again at the reunion after a long time
It is a work that he was a monk.
The actual contents are too big to fit in such a simple synopsis
In order to hide such a sexy scene with a series of sexy scenes
As one of the regulation methods, the local area was hidden by a mokugyo, and a farce was inserted.

Sexy anime in 5 minutes per episode, and moreover, for women
There are really few sexy anime works,
In that sense, it was fresh.

Actual situation

Image source: © Maomi Leon / Kujo-kun’s worldly desires watching party

However, the reality of this “monk frame” is not very complimented.
There are currently 16 works broadcast in the monk frame,
Basically, every work has a “sexy scene”, and there are restrictions.
If you play the regulated version on terrestrial broadcasting or YouTube and enter the paid site operated by ComicFesta
The method is that you can see the uncensored ones.

At the extreme, it’s like playing a sample of an adult video.
At first, I didn’t like the monk frame because such a method was conspicuous.
If anything, the frame of the monk frame itself was in a negative position.

I still don’t think there is much compliment on this technique,
I’m worried that I might get angry around BPO someday, though I’m an outsider.
I was in a negative position at first, but I decided to call it a “monk frame.”
I started to enjoy it before I knew it.

Dark period

Image source: © Hanamaruo / Skirt Committee

“On the night of lust to meet a priest …” is the first work of the priest frame,
Methods such as the profession of a monk and the regulation method unique to the monk frame,
The feeling that one episode finishes in less than 5 minutes creates surrealism.
The first work became a hot topic in a good way.
However, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th works are rather unpleasant.

The second work, “The inside of the skirt was a beast.”
It is a transvestite boy’s thing,
Although this is a work with an atmosphere that both men and women can enjoy
To put it the other way around, it was a work that didn’t make any sense.

The third work, “The matchmaking partner is a student, a bullish, problem child.”
As you can see from the title, this is also a work that is a student and a problem child if you match up (laugh)
It is also a good point of the monk frame that it is easy to imagine the contents from the title,
It ’s just a work that does things in various situations.
There is nothing special to mention.

The fourth work, “25-year-old high school girl”
A 25-year-old heroine becomes a JK and goes to school in place of her 16-year-old cousin who refuses to attend school.
At this point, there are quite a lot of things to do, but
The rest is the same as the third work, just changing the situation and doing things.

Because the impression of these 2nd to 4th works was bad,
It was a time when I didn’t like the monk frame, coupled with the method of the monk frame itself.

The dawn of the legend

Image source: © Show Izumi / Suiseisha Inc.

However, the public evaluation changed with the fifth work.
There has been a change in the viewer’s view and stance on the work called the monk frame.
That is “Sweet Punishment-I am a guard-only pet”.
This work is innocent in a mixed gender prison (a woman is a heroine)
The heroine is imprisoned and is subject to various forms of punishment similar to that of a guard.

It’s not a work that you would expect from the sexy side,
Haha! Are prisoners, open-chested prison uniforms,
A heroine who tries to escape to finish his sentence if he is quiet for a year,
With a guard chasing such a heroine in a ventilation duct
It is a work full of tsukkomi.

Due to the low level of drawing, the gag anime-like element also became stronger,
The frame called “monk frame” has begun to be evaluated in a strange direction.

Hit or miss

Image source: © Serina Seio / Suiseisha Inc.

However, the monk frame is a frame with a very large hit and miss.
Originally an “adult” original manga has been animated,
The story is messed up, or you can do it with other works
On the other hand, if it doesn’t change, the fun will not be stable.
I feel that there is a big difference between works that can be used as material and works that cannot be used as material.

Joshiochi! ~ A girl came down from the 2nd floor …!? ~
After the last train, at the capsule hotel, the night when a slight heat is transmitted to the boss.
I want to be a dad
Washer! ~ Me and him in the women’s bath! ?? ~

This area can be seen from the title (laughs)
But what should be noted is the BL frame that says “I want to be a dad”?
This is an anime in which a male college student attacks a single father.
It is the first BL of the monk frame, and it is because there was this work
It may have led to later BL works.

Adult kidzania

Image source: © Tanishi Kawano / Suiseisha Inc.

There are various occupations in the monk frame, such as “Adult KidZania”.
Monk, guard, student, boss, fireman, beautician, gentleman.
Men of all kinds of professions come out.
There are also situations that make use of the workplace and occupation,
You can enjoy such a part.

Especially for firefighters, beauticians, guards, and monks
Some of them take advantage of the situation
If you have a profession that interests you, you may enjoy it if you take a look.
It doesn’t change just because I’m doing it … (laughs)


Image source: © Itoh Kani / Suiseisha Inc.

There are many works that are more explicit than easy to understand, and “XL Boss” is particularly explicit.
The XL of this XL boss is not the size of the body, but the size of a part of the body.
I’m no longer dealing with gorigori’s off-color humor, not a love affair
I’m doing what I’m doing in the first episode, and from there I’m having trouble with a romantic relationship
There are also many works with patterns drawn.

Only works related to romance that start from the body. It’s an adult (laughs)
The values ​​for sex like an overseas drama
There may be some parts that are far from the Japanese,
Many of the monk-framed works are where ordinary anime ends up with a kiss.
One episode is morning tune.

There is also a part that is allowed because it is such boldness and ease of understanding because it is 5 minutes per episode.
Enjoy the tsukkomi that “No, it won’t happen”
It may be the correct way to enjoy the monk frame.


Image source: © ITKZ / Suiseisha Inc.

However, in such a situation, the “Giant Bride” has a different quality.
In this work, a high school boy who has been summoned to another world is made a giant bride (laughs)
I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it’s such a work.

It started with the tsukkomi of a giant who turns into a bride even though they are of different races and genders.
It will be dropped by the “love” of such a giant and the skillful technique of the prince of the giant.
It is a work that makes you understand the feelings of high school boys.
From the end of the game, I keep kissing, and there are some parts where I’m really worried about the “story”.
It is a perfection that can be said to be different in the monk frame.

This is the only work in the monk frame that I want for the second term.
When such a “hit” work comes out, it becomes an extra monk frame
“Maybe you can see a work like a giant bride.”
It raises expectations.

At first it was negative, but now there is a sense of expectation.
The monk frame is a really mysterious frame (laughs)

Monk frame animation general comment

Image source: © Maomi Leon / Kujo-kun’s worldly desires watching party

What kind of work is the monk frame in the columns so far?
I hope you understand. ComicFesta to pay sites
Although it has the aspect of being a guided work, it handles various occupations like adult KidZania.
Sexy scenes and situations that cannot be done with the original terrestrial animation,
These are works that are too aggressive and produce a number of story developments that have a lot to do with them.

What’s more, all the monk-framed animations are
The regulated version is officially distributed on YouTube. You can watch it for free (laughs)
One episode of The Titan’s Bride has exceeded 2 million views and is a very popular content.

The monk frame is 5 minutes per episode, and it takes less than 3 minutes to finish.
Depending on the work, it is also an advantage that you can finish watching all 3 to 12 episodes quickly in less than an hour.
Throughout the year in a short shaku, adult works that cannot be done by terrestrial broadcasting
Broadcasting anime may be challenging in a sense.

While supporting such a challenging part, while enjoying it as a material frame,
I would like to expect the “monk frame” to produce a masterpiece that has not yet been seen.

Personal impression: Monk frame, oh, monk frame

Personally, “On the night of lust to meet a monk …” “Sweet punishment-I am a guard-only pet.”
We recommend “XL Boss.” And “Giant Bride.”
I think these four works make it easy to see the tendency of the monk frame.

Depending on the person, such as off-color humor, sexual elements, sexy scenes, BL, etc.
Although the works are full of elements that are easy to dislike, one of them,
If you find a work that interests you, please check it out on YouTube.
Perhaps there are people who are completely addicted to the monk frame (laughs).

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