'Let's BTS' BTS V "Ami = Friends, an indispensable existence" [MK★TV픽]

‘Let’s BTS’ BTS V “Ami = Friends, an indispensable existence” [MK★TV픽]

Maekyung.com MK Sports Reporter Son Jinah

‘Let’s BTS’ BTS V showed affection for ARMY.

The group BTS appeared on the KBS2 special talk show’Let’s BTS’, which aired on the afternoon of the 29th.

In particular, member V’s perfect shining beauty, sexy masculine beauty, cute loveliness, and alluring aura that flows between cold and warm, and her extreme fan love and modest appearance, exudes a chameleon-like charm.

‘Let`s BTS’ BTS V showed affection for ARMY. Photo = Broadcast capture
When the program began with the stage of the slow jam version of’Dynamite’, V appeared sexy, wearing an all-white suit and showing a gorgeous face above all with an all-back hairstyle. In addition, throughout the interview, he presented a powerful visual and showed off his handsomeness enough to add a clever phrase that even subtitles are’not CG’.

Here, the world’s best coloratura soprano and music goddess Jo Soo-mi appeared in a surprise video to directly cover V’s own song’Snow Flower’, and for that, he was surprised to mention that he got to know the popularity of BTS by receiving thanks from so many ARMYs. Hugged.

In addition, special MC Jang Do-yeon introduced an anecdote that followed V’s head 4-5 months ago, revealing his fan spirit, and V replied to him that he had watched the video and gave off warmth.

As the founder of’Borahae,’ which has become a symbol of BTS and dyes the whole world, V has shown a modest appearance, saying, “Like the last color of the rainbow, I made it in the sense of loving and letting go together until the end.” .

At the same time, he expressed his deep love for fans, saying, “Ami is really like a friend without two of me. There must be no ARMY.”

In the corner where BTS members exchange their sincerity with each other, V appeared in a hairstyle with a slightly curled hair, wearing a white shirt and a mono check vest, and caught the eye with dandyness and lovelyness.

V conveys love to the members with a maritime smile, while the members also shouted that they love V, saying that they like the words that V usually loves, demonstrating V’s natural love appearance and warming the hearts of fans.

On the other hand, after the broadcast, V’s name climbed to the second place in the Japanese Twitter search query rankings, taking the highest ranking among BTS members. In addition,’WE LOVE YOU KIM TAEHYUNG’ and’Our Taehyung’ each decorated the global trend and the Korean trend. jinaaa@mkculture.com

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