Exciter degree, Yamaha Exciter degree, Exciter 150, Winner X
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Less than 30 million, Exciter 150 transformed into Winner X

(Techz.vn) Exciter's movement movement in the days of Tet holiday became more exciting when the bikers constantly cleaned up their horses.

Recently, a car owner in Ho Chi Minh City redeemed his Exciter 150 with super cool, super quality toys that bring strength as well as class to make believers tired. Besides the attention to the appearance and beautiful changes of this level, surely there will be many people who will be surprised with the amount of money spent by players in Ho Chi Minh City.

Accordingly, this car stands out with the legendary Ducati single-pick combos including the N-pick grips, the 1.85 and 3.5-inch wheels, the carbon trim, the Adelin Pork with oil wire, the goose-plate combo, the slug cover … all These equipment help the car become perfect, style of large displacement vehicles looks extremely bunker and strong.

Exciter degree, Yamaha Exciter degree, Exciter 150, Winner X

Next is the front of the car that is full when the brakes combined with gloves make the car become more youthful and prominent. The LED part is replaced by mesh LED a11 that looks extremely eye-catching with multi-color light lines. Equipping this new LED can help car owners easily customize the color according to their preferences via the phone app. Instead of using the normal key, this version has a smart key that protects the car more safely and easily.

Exciter degree, Yamaha Exciter degree, Exciter 150, Winner X

It is known that the owner has used x1r forks to make the legs of the car more sturdy, and overcome the errors of the previous fork. This is a new series of forks for the 2020 Exciter 150, with the ownership of this pair, when moving the car ensures a shock-free and high-safety journey, with a knob to adjust the level of the fork, to reduce shock, have a softer shrug.

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