Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro (P11 Pro) In For Review!

Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro (P11 Pro) In For Review!

My XiaoXin Pad Pro just arrived into today and will be the next tablet up for review. This is the same model I could have bought locally for 649 Euros (Obsolete rip off) from Lenovo Europe. But I decided to hold off due to the price tag. For a Snapdragon 730G 11.5″ tablet I felt it was way overpriced.

Luckily it’s also sold in China as the XiaoXin Pad Pro. Exactly the same hardware. 2560x 1600p 2k OLED screen, 6GB of RAM, super slim premium metal build, 4 x JBL loudspeakers, 8600mah battery, 20W charging, Wifi AC, MicroSD, dual front 8MP cams with dual rear cameras 13MP and 5MP ultra.

Crazy Price difference. Import Vs local.

The only difference is this Chinese model a Chinese ROM, has No Google Play or widevine level 1 cert. But Banggood sells it with the global ROM flashed. Which solves those two issues. And the best part it’s almost 300 euros cheaper at 364 euros! Which shows how much of a price hike Levono charge for local tech. Don’t forget Banggood also adds their cut to flash, stock it and ship it.

Spot the difference. The price difference import Vs local!

Only my tablet has arrived, the keyboard and stylus which it supports have yet to ship but it will be this week. I’ve also ordered those from Banggood rather than Lenovo Spain or Europe due to the price.

First Impressions

The build quality is great as good as the Samsung Tab S5E or Tab S7+ super thin 5.8mm and yet it has a good-sized battery in it. The matte grey metal unibody and the paint job is perfect and looks great.

Chris G

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