Sforum - Xiaomi-Mi-MIX-4-2 latest technology information page Lei Jun: Flagship Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is worth the wait !!!

Lei Jun CEO: Flagship Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is worth the wait !!!

Xiaomi recently launched the Mi 9 and Mi 9T duo and is planning to release the first phones of the new CC series, focusing on selfie photography.

So what happened to Mi MIX 4 when its predecessor Mi MIX 3 debuted 8 months ago? When is this new flagship device going to market.

Unfortunately, we still cannot answer the question above but many people speculate that Mi MIX 4 flagship can be released in October this year. However, this information is only at a hypothetical level and Xiaomi has not confirmed anything about Mi MIX 3's successor.

However, recently, when answering a fan's question, Lei Jun CEO of Xiaomi suddenly stated that "We are working on Mi MIX 4, it is worth the wait!"

Sforum - Xiaomi-Mi-MIX-4-1 CEO Lei Jun: Flagship Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is worth the wait !!!

At this point, one thing seems certain: Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 can appear with a lot of surprises and leave behind the sliding design of the previous generation. It is rumored that it is Xiaomi's first foldable smartphone, but this information has not yet been confirmed.

In addition, Mi MIX 4 specifications are still a unknown at the present time. However, it is not surprising that this flagship model will own the most powerful hardware today including Snapdragon 855 processor, maximum RAM capacity up to 12GB, 4-camera system after quality and support 5G connection Wait and watch it!

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