Legion will own 20 different scenarios!

Watch Dogs: Legion will own 20 different scenarios!

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Watch Dogs: Legion recently revealed by the creative director Clint Hocking about owning … 20 scripts with different characters, dialogues and personalities.

According to the recent interview with Edge magazine, its creative director Watch Dogs: Legion is Mr. Clint Hocking for the development team was extremely determined to make the game worth playing extremely high.

One of the points that he thinks is extremely special is that the game's replay times will vary greatly, because the game will have many different scenarios.

Mr. Hocking added that no one in the game is the main character, all the characters that you have taken into DedSec are minor characters, DedSec himself is the key.

The game not only creates 20 different scenarios, but each scenario will have different contexts with different characters, different personalities, different voices and different actions.

The development team is using a new technology that allows voice adjustments that even if the characters have the same voice actors interact with each other, you will still not recognize the similarities.

They also bring in technologies for photometry to record a variety of different faces, combined with advanced acting recording techniques and create thousands of unique faces!

If what Clint Hocking says is true, the player may have to play Watch Dogs: Legion more than 20 times to open up different dialogue and cut scenes between characters.

This will probably make the replay value of the game become extremely high, similar to The Witcher 3 good Skyrim.

Watch Dogs: Legion will be officially released on March 6, 2020 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC for $ 59.99, now the player can reserve the game.

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