Legion surprises with its recruitment system

Ubisoft’s spearhead alongside the next Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs: Legion has finally been piloted by a few lucky Iberian colleagues from Areasjugones the time of a preview. And as we could predict, the real star of the next dystopian open world will be the recruiting system.

Let’s attack the heart of the matter directly with the feelings of our colleague Ramon Baylos about this mechanic that the game communicates a lot about. It was during a handful of missions in the main adventure that the journalist was able to appreciate a new approach to the open world, where everything is really possible. Far from being a simple marketer’s delirium under the best meth of Uncle Walter, recruitment turns out to be in fact the secret ingredient at the base of the recipe. Watch Dogs: Legion.

Watch Dogs : Legion - recrutement

Each inhabitant of this dystopian London has their own life, and it is up to you to rally them to your cause by helping them in order to gain their sympathy. A potentially “boring” exercise in the long run, but which really works in the short term. Especially since Ubisoft has thought to let you a map revealing the positioning of the most interesting people to recruit. A choice on which we are mixed, because the time saving seems real, but the discovery of the human, which seemed to us to be one of the strong points of mechanics, is losing importance.

Don’t panic however, because once you have gathered enough followers (including the grandmother, we know you!), You can carry out the various missions of the game in a thousand and one ways. A promise well started to be kept after Ramon who, between the flying drone assault of a mason, and the release of killer robot bees from a beekeeper, was spoiled for choice to achieve his ends.

Some players had complained about the younger, rebellious side of the second episode, hampering the fairly mature scope of the very first story. Watch Dogs. It is therefore in good Solomon that the French studio will cut the pear in two, thus maintaining the rebellious spirit, served by a greater maturity in the themes evoked. Thus we will find the gravity of a constant oppression mixed with features of humor that will lighten the whole subject of the game.

Besides, when we think Watch Dogs, the first thing that comes to mind is hacking. Hacking as tea drinkers say. And in this third part, the hacking mechanisms have been simplified somewhat to provide a more intuitive experience. However, this does not mean that the possibilities offered by the game are diminishing, because on the contrary, it seems that we can have at least as many possibilities to use hacking as in the previous episodes.

Thus, the game seems to take the direction of an in-between, in order to achieve a certain long-desired balance by retaining the best of its predecessors, while opening the door to new features relevant with Ubisoft’s work.

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