CrossFire, also known by Vietnamese gamers as Suddenly – is one of the extremely popular first-person shooter FPS games associated with the childhood of many gamers who are making a movie. According to the latest report of Variety, Sony Pictures has won the right to distribute a movie based on Smilegate’s CrossFire shooter – the world’s most popular FPS.

CrossFire legendary game - Raid is being converted into movies - Photo 1.

According to the report of Variety, the producer of the famous racing series Fast & Furious, Neal Moritz, is producing the film CrossFire and the script writer will be Chuck Hogan – he once wrote the script for The Town. and 13 Hours each were nominated for an Oscar. Tencent Pictures, the movie conglomerate of the Chinese internet giant that owns shares of many developers, also co-sponsors and co-produces this CrossFire movie.

It is known that CrossFire was launched in 2007 and has become one of the most popular games right now thanks to the development in Asian countries, including Vietnam. Smilegate’s report stated that CrossFire has more than 650 million registered users and has reached 8 million simultaneous players, which proves CrossFire is worthy of the title of the most popular FPS game in the world. Because of its popularity, making CrossFire a movie is something developers have long cherished.

CrossFire legendary game - Raid is being converted into a movie - Photo 2.

There is no information on the plot, cast, or director for the film CrossFire, while it is not known whether the film will be released internationally or only in Asia where the game is launched. A new version of CrossFire called CrossFire X is about to launch Xbox One, while developer Alan Wake is also working with the single player section of many new CrossFire games. CrossFire is not the only FPS game filmed. Activision has announced plans to make many adaptations from the popular Call of Duty shooter series, one of which will be written by Black Panther writer.

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