Lee Sang-woo of'Penthouse 2'appeared in cameo as a reporter...  ♥Kim So-yeon and Neurojeon

Lee Sang-woo of’Penthouse 2’appeared in cameo as a reporter… ♥Kim So-yeon and Neurojeon

[스포츠조선 조윤선 기자] Lee Sang-woo, the husband of actor Kim So-yeon, appeared as a cameo for’Penthouse 2′.

In the SBS Friday and Saturday drama’Penthouse 2′, which aired on the 20th, the appearance of Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) in a nerve war with a reporter (Lee Sang-woo) was drawn.

Chun Seo-jin performed an interlude performance in front of reporters ahead of the 20th anniversary performance of his debut, but he made a mistake. In response, Seojin Cheon ended up hastily saying, “I’m not conscious because it’s an engagement ceremony tomorrow.

At that time, a reporter (Lee Sang-woo) scratched Chun Seo-jin’s nerves, saying, “It’s the 20th anniversary of the debut, so I’m very nervous. Chun Seo-jin asked, “I think your neck was a little dry. You wouldn’t be making articles?”, and the reporter seemed to laugh, saying, “Of course.”

The reporter then asked, “Is there anything specially prepared for this performance? We are looking forward to a new challenge in the music world,” and Seo-jin Cheon replied firmly, “I will not disappoint.”

After the reporter left, Chun Seo-jin stared, “Only try to write strange articles.”


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