Lee Dong-guk "Ahn Jung-hwan, just a commoner because he plays basketball"… New director Heo Jae,'panic' in his first evaluation match [Oh!쎈 종합]

Lee Dong-guk “Ahn Jung-hwan, just a commoner because he plays basketball”… New director Heo Jae,’panic’ in his first evaluation match [Oh!쎈 종합]

[OSEN=김수형 기자] In the middle of the first evaluation match in’Combine to Shoot’, he lost a lot with a big difference in score.

The new season was announced in JTBC’s entertainment show’Combine to shoot’ that aired on the 7th.

On this day, while the season changed from soccer to basketball, Heo Jae appeared as the manager. Heo Jae said, “I have endured ignorantly for the past year and a half. Looking back, I didn’t do anything. I scored only one goal,” and laughed at self-discipline.

Heo Jae said, “No matter how much I am the president of basketball, how do I play football. I decided to do it because I was doing’I need to unite to shoot’,” and asked for NBA materials and showed an active appearance. Heo Jae said, “I’m different from Jung Hwan. I won the championship twice. It’s the coach’s comeback after two years.”

At this time, Hyun Joo-yeop appeared as a coach. Heo Jae was surprised, saying, “Are I really the pants manager?” Everyone said, “Hyun Joo-yeop, who catches Heo Jae, came as a coach,” and laughed.

Among them, when Ahn Jung-hwan, who made a comeback from manager to player, appeared, all of them were surprised by his unexpected joining. Ahn Jung-hwan said, “If you didn’t do it, didn’t you say you wouldn’t leave?”

Ahn Jung-hwan said, “Is it okay anyway?” and said, “The only people who tamed me are Hye-won and director Hiddink,” and “I’ll have fun with this board.”

In response, Heo Jae announced revenge, saying, “Junghwan should taste Eulwang-ri, too,” and Ahn Jung-hwan did not lose, saying, “I know, let’s go to a dinner party.” Heo Jae said, “Once Jung Hwan pays the fine, I don’t think he will listen to him,” he said. “The fine standard is based on my mood.”

Ahn Jung-hwan gave a smile to Hyun Joo-yeop by asking, “What are you doing here?” It turned out that as soon as I got the call, Hyun Joo-yeop asked if Ahn Jung-hwan was running. Hyun Joo-yeop said, “It’s important to join Ahn Jung-Hwan, in fact, there’s something we have to do. In response, Ahn Jung-hwan said, “You were very considerate.”

At the same time, when he made himself a target, Ahn Jung-hwan said, “If you want to move the team, you can go out.”

In the meantime, when the Lion King Lee Dong-guk appeared, Ahn Jung-hwan was amazed, saying, “You come too? Didn’t you call all the soccer teams?”
Lee Dong-guk also asked if Ahn Jung-hwan was running on the call. I became Ahn Jung-hwan. Lee Dong-guk said, “I want to see you being beaten by becoming a player,” and Ahn Jung-hwan said, “Do it with yours, don’t think about being beaten by others.”

The members were interesting, saying, “The two people in charge of Korean football in the late 90s are two shots that are difficult to see.”

In fact, Lee Dong-guk said that Jae-si and Jae-a were asked to retire quickly and go in to’get together’, and that there was cute pressure from their two daughters. Heo Jae said, “If Dongguk also filmed a few times, why would he do something like that there, and I did it at home,” and laughed.

Following the volleyball player Bang Shin-bong, Hong Sung-heun appeared. Short track Kim Ki-hoon appeared, and Lee Hyeong-taek arrived in sequence.

Afterwards, Kim Byung-hun also appeared, and Ahn Jung-hwan said, “If Byeong-hyun comes, I will go out.” Everyone was suspicious of “I don’t know the basketball rules” to Kim Byung-Hun, and Ahn Jung-hwan turned to Heo-jae and said, “Hyung’s nose has become a lot smaller, is it atrophy?”

Following the appearance of Yeo Hong-cheol, Heo Jae was embarrassed, saying, “What should I do in the position?” Everyone said, “Isn’t basketball the most you hated?”, and Yeo Hong-cheol changed the word “Holding basketball and playing volleyball.” As the volleyball players started to get upset, everyone looked at each other, saying, “We have to talk about the sport well here.”

Kim Dong-hyun appeared continuously, and laughter blossomed at the appearance of the happy Kim Dong-hyun. When Kim Dong-hyun saw Ahn Jung-hwan, who became a player, he said, “Now we are in the same position, we are learning together” and provoked Ahn-hwan to laugh.

Finally, Judo player Yun Dong-sik appeared and stood automatically when the real fighter appeared. Kim Dong-hyun said, “If I blink my eyes after the game, the game ends, I can’t remember,” said Kim Dong-hyun, saying, “I felt like I lost when I saw the shout and the other side running around,” he said. He said, “It’s funny and sad.”

I decided to go to the stadium in earnest. Everyone on the bus decided to make a name by saying, “Aren’t all the basketball names ending with’S?, let’s choose between Sangam Whates and Bunax”, and when’Bunax’ was decided, everyone said, “If you win for the first time, let’s have a drink with displeasure.” Hugged.

The legendary basketball court for Sangam Bunax was unveiled. Before the first evaluation match, the 2021 season uniforms were also released and the uniforms were given from the first episode. Ahn Jung-hwan said, “It’s not this, it’s so different from soccer, I’m disappointed.” I was sad.

For the inauguration ceremony, uniforms were provided to all of them, and they were set in full from the beginning. In particular, when Ahn Jung-hwan appeared wearing a basketball uniform, everyone said, “Can Jung-hwan not suit like this?”

Kim Dong-hyun came out wearing Heo Jae’s basketball number 9, and Heo Jae looked at it. Ahn Jung-hwan, who noticed this, quickly changed his posture to manager Heo Jae and laughed at his number 19, saying, “No. 9 Heo Jae is one of the basketball world.”
At the same time, Ahn Jung-hwan was surprised by popping it with one hand even when he popped a large beat for the inauguration ceremony of Jae-ho Hur.

At this time, singer Kim Min-gyo’s surprise appearance sang the OST of’Last Match’ and raised the excitement of the big basketball feast.
As soon as the inauguration ceremony was over, the production team said that the first match was ready, and the opponent team slow team appeared, and the first evaluation match suddenly began. The members were surprised to say that they won second place last year in the annual amateur showdown.

Heo Jae was embarrassed and embarrassed before the sudden first evaluation. The situation in which the positions of the members must be decided immediately. Heo Jae was centered like a manager and briefed the game plan in a hurry. After that, the first evaluation match began. With the first goal expected for Sangam Buonax, Hong Seong-heun scored the first with a basket count.

A more fighting game continued, and Heo Jae timed the operation. Already five points behind the slow team. Heo Jae talked about the operation, but everyone was embarrassed, saying, “I don’t know what I mean.”
It was noticed whether the first half could be safely finished.

Lee Dong-guk was replaced. All expected from Lee Dong-guk, but Lee Dong-guk laughed because he might have become a free throw. However, he immediately succeeded in scoring a free throw and received applause.

Nevertheless, as the score continued to be low, Heo Jae rang the operation time again and told the members, “Talking is the most important thing that Jung Hwan emphasized when he was the manager.” You have to match your position,” he quickly said. At the same time, in the operation time that only had 90 seconds, Heo Jae took off his sweat, saying, “I think I will have to give the next time about 3 minutes.”

Finally, the score gap widened to 25-4. When Heo Jae was excited and told the strategy again, everyone said, “I’m the most scared of the directors I’ve met, the director is scared.” Heo Jae said, “Sorry Sorry”, and transformed into a self-injured mode.
When Kim Yong-man asked, “Think of it in the old days of Eulwang-ri, what is the worst thing for us?”

Worried about the loss, he explained the operation for one minute at half time, followed by the second half. However, the members who were new to basketball were confused because they couldn’t find their seats well. Kim Dong-hyun was given a chance to free throw, but it was not easy to score, and finally, the possibility gradually became slim to 39-4.

At this time, Kim Byung-hun scored the first 3 points and scored 7 points. Although the score was low, everyone regained laughter when the first three-point shot was successful.

Ahn Jung-hwan complained of a cramp in his leg while shooting, and everyone laughed at his’flapping shot’ and was interested in “fun”. Ahn Jung-hwan was struggling with the aftereffects of shooting, but everyone was busy making fun by saying, “Jung-hwan is just a person because he is wearing a basketball suit, too.


[사진] Capture the broadcast screen of’Combine to shoot’

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