Lee Chan-won, Roh Sa-yeon's'Wish' cover video exceeded 1 million views on YouTube

Lee Chan-won, Roh Sa-yeon’s’Wish’ cover video exceeded 1 million views on YouTube

The cover video of Lee Chan-won’s’Wish’ of Labor and Management has exceeded 1 million views on YouTube.

In 2019, Lee Chan-won’s YouTube channel,’Lee Chan-won’, posted a video with an article titled “Lee Chan-won-Hope (No Sa-yeon)”.

In the video, there is a picture of Lee Chan-won who is covering the’Wish’ in a karaoke room.

His singing ability, which stands out in karaoke, was enough to snipe the hearts of fans.

As a result, the video exceeded 1 million views as of February 7.

These records remind us of Lee Chan-won’s extraordinary popularity.

The video can be viewed on Chanwon Lee’s official YouTube channel, Chanwon Lee.

Chanwon Lee’s YouTube channel, Chanwon Lee, currently has about 240,000 subscribers.

Also, Lee Chan-won’s YouTube channel is a DIA TV partner channel.

On January 12, DIA TV announced that it had started with a lineup of powerful celebrities in 2021.

They said, “The trot field (as well as other fields) has been strengthened. In addition to the existing partner channels such as’Park Line’,’Han Lee Jae’ and’Kong Sowon’,’Jang Min-ho’ and’Lee Chan-won’ have also joined the DIA TV partnership.”

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