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Lee Chan-won-Kim Hee-jae, the beauty that makes you look forward to the main broadcast of’Play Hee Risto’


The beauty of Chan-won Lee and Hee-jae Kim’s ‘Pleaheeristo’ catches the eye.

On the 6th,’Mr. Trot’ official Instagram posted, “Why are you going to the other Trot Chart Show’Pleheeristo’ exhibition at that time? Why are you going to the museum? There is a work here, but a photo was posted with a post saying “Heeto is a work.”

In the photo, Chan-won Lee and Hee-jae Kim are showing various appearances in Hanbok.

Their extraordinary cuteness and beauty struck the hearts of female fans.

‘Play Hee Risto’, a web entertainment led by Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae, can be viewed on the’Miss & Mr. Trot Official Account’ YouTube channel.

‘Play Hee Risto’ is a web entertainment where you can meet the latest trends in Kim Hee-jae & Lee Chan-won’s trot by situation, as well as a unique appearance that could not be seen on TV.

This broadcast is uploaded every Monday at 7pm.

tvX Reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo =’Mister Trot’ official Instagram

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