Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae, who want to get their autographs for'Fleisto'?

Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae, who want to get their autographs for’Fleisto’?

The event that presents the autographs of Lee Chan-won-Kim Hee-jae’s autographs for’Fleisto’ attracts the attention of fans.

On the 26th, a guide was posted on the official account of TV CHOSUN’Mister Trot’ to announce the event related to episode 4 of’Pleheeristo’.

TV CHOSUN’Mr. Trot’ said, “[플레희리스또 투표 EVENT] Miss & Mr. Trot app is waiting for you to vote for’Play Heiristo’! Please vote for each playlist recommended by Heidi Todi!”

“Through a lottery among those who voted during the voting period, 3 people per vote, a total of 6 people! Heedy Todi’s’autographed photo’ and’calendar’ will be presented as a gift!”

Fans’ interest gathered in this event where you can get autographs of Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae.

On the 25th, a video was posted on the YouTube channel of’Miss & Mr. Trot’s Official Account’ along with the article “A song that burns twice as many calories when you listen to it when you exercise Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae (Pleheeristo EP.4).”

The theme of this broadcast is’A song that burns twice as many calories when listening to exercise’. Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae drew attention by recommending their second aunt Kim Da-bi’s’Jura-jura’, Dong-hu’s’Gorgeous Life’, Jang Yoon-jung’s’Love,’ and Kim Kwang-seok’s’Wake up’.

‘Play Hee Risto’, a web entertainment led by Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae, can be viewed on the’Miss & Mr. Trot Official Account’ YouTube channel.

‘Play Hee Risto’ is a web entertainment where you can meet the latest trends in Kim Hee-jae & Lee Chan-won’s trot by situation, as well as a unique appearance that could not be seen on TV.

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