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LeBron James was on fire, the Lakers leveled with the Rockets

LeBron James and Anthony Davis’s double double-doubles helped the LA Lakers beat the Houston Rockets and leveled the score 1-1 in the Western semifinals.

After the gap in game 1, LA Lakers showed a different face in the rematch against the Rockets. The Lakers defense was concentrated at the beginning of the match, while the attacking stars still excellently completed their task to soon make a 16-point difference in the first half.

Entering the second half, LeBron James and his teammates still controlled the Rockets star well. The score 31-31 of the second half gave the Lakers a great advantage before the break.

Blazing LeBron James helps the Lakers level the gap (Image: Internet)

By the third half, the Rockets started to accelerate, they scored 41 points to shorten the gap from 16 points to 2 after the third half, opening a comeback. However, the Lakers’ concentration in the final half prevented the Rockets from reaching their goal.

LeBron James continued to excel with a double-double, even missing 1 assists to get him triple-double. Anthony Davis also had a blazing day with 34 points and 10 rebounds.

On the other side of the front line, Harden has only 26 points, Gordon has 24 points and Westbrook has 10 points. In the end, the Lakers beat Rockets 117-109 to equalize the score 1-1 in the NBA Playoffs semi-final series.

In the remaining match this morning, the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Miami Heat in extra time to shorten the score to 1-3, holding hope for the East champions.

VIDEO: Highlight Rockers vs Lakers (Game 2 NBA Playoffs)


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