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Learn the logos of 15 airlines around the world

Many airlines around the world are not afraid to spend their budget on logo design, themed aircraft painting to create their own image.

The UAE’s Air Arabia has a symbol of the white bird wings on a striking red background, expressing the desire to fly high and reach out to conquer new lands.

Air New Zealand has a strong design in black and white and the symbol “koru” – an unopened fern symbolizes life, innovation and hope for the future.

The colorful fuselage with an Alaskan Eskimo face on the tail is a very unique design of Alaska Airlines.

All Nippon Airways – Japan’s largest airline with a design inspired by the movie Star Wars – Star Wars.

The plane of Azores Airlines – the Portuguese airline, looks like a giant whale swimming among an ocean of clouds.

The logo of Bamboo Airways – the new Vietnamese airline’s market entry, has a green design symbolizing bamboo – a symbol of toughness and strength, durability and flexibility.

Hong Kong-based Cathay Dragon has a calligraphy symbol representing the image of a bird’s wings.

With a tail design featuring a variety of animals, and each plane is named after that species, the US airline Frontier Airlines.

The Hawaiian Airlines Pualani (Sky Flower) logo is a unique logo that expresses hospitality.

Korean Air Company of Korea is gentle with a blue design, the Ying – Yang (yin – yang) logo on the national flag is stylized on the tail of the plane to show strong development power.

The crane emblem is a long-standing symbol featured by Lufthansa, Germany’s largest airline.

Srilanka Airlines has a plane tail with a stylized peacock logo in red, green and orange.

Viet Jet Air has a design associated with the national color of Vietnam, with two distinctive and prominent red-yellow colors.

Virgin America of America built a modern image with a red tail plane with its signature logo on the tail and the image of the American flag on the wings.

The Wow Air plane stands out in the sky with a youthful and vibrant purple color tone and an invitation to Iceland.

* Source: Investment bridge


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