Learn quickly about the intelligent loading system VVT

Learn quickly about the intelligent loading system VVT

VVT intelligent loading system is responsible for controlling the opening and closing time to optimize engine performance and reduce fuel consumption, this is an indispensable system of the engine.

What is VVT intelligent loading system?

VVT intelligent loading system has been known in Vietnam since the 2000s with the appearance of models from Honda, Toyota … VVT feeding system is abbreviated from the phrase Variable Valve Timing. This technology has many names depending on manufacturers such as Toyota’s VVT, Honda’s V-TEC, Mitsubishi’s MVIC …

Known as the most popular method, Toyota’s VVT-i system is designed to fuel injection according to the principles of electric – hydraulic. The VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) intake system is professionally defined as an intelligent variable openup control system. And this is the technology used on Toyota vehicles such as Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla Altis …

Toyota intelligent loading systemToyota intelligent loading system

Is the engine running stably and running at full capacity due to fuel supply. The intelligent intake system consists of a 32-bit ECU central processor, pumps and oil pipelines, an air conditioning controller (VVT) with electric valves, sensors, etc. The mission of the system is to use pressure. hydraulic to rotate the camshaft to feed and change the gas distribution time. The system is controlled based on the signals of the collected sensors such as throttle position, crankshaft position, water temperature …

VVT intelligent loading system is made up of many partsVVT intelligent loading system is made up of many parts

In addition, the design of the VVT-i system is synchronized with the electronic throttle ETCS-i (the electronic throttle ETCS-i operates thanks to an extremely sensitive motor controlled by electrical impulses), 12-hole fuel injectors (At this time, air is no longer playing a supporting role in the electro-hydraulic system) and the electric divider and iridium head plugs.

Along with the VVT-i concept Toyota is a dual VVT-i concept, so what is Dual VVT-i and what is it related to VVT-i? Dual VVT-i is a intelligent dual variable valve timing system that controls the opening and closing of both intake and exhaust valves. This is different from the operating principle of VVT-i when it only interfered with the opening and closing of the intake valve. So dual VVT-i system has many advantages compared to VVT-i, the system that helps the engine to increase its maximum power and to emit a cleaner environment by making the most of the fuel.

Working principle of VVT-i intelligent loading system

Toyota’s VVT-i electronic fuel injection system optimizes the airflow angle of the camshaft based on the engine’s working mode in combination with active control parameters. The principle of operation VVT-i relies on sensors to collect information and data, from crankshaft position sensor, throttle position sensor, cooling water temperature sensor and intake air supply. on ECU to calculate parameters for the VVT-i gas distribution system according to active requirements.

The ECU unit processes information from the sensorsThe ECU unit processes information from the sensors

During the operation based on the active, calibrated and practical factors, ECU will synthesize the optimal gas distribution order for the combustion chamber. ECU calculates the coordination command in milliseconds and makes a decision to close (open) the electric valves of the hydraulic system. The oil pressure will change the position of the VVT-i coordinate system controller, opening the loaders properly as necessary.

Unlike the old-style cam system, which has a constant xupap opening, Toyota’s VVT-i intelligent intake system infinitely adjusts the operation of the intake valves that change the opening and opening timing of the xupap. According to the combination of parameters of intake air flow, throttle position, speed and engine temperature.

The VVT-i controller is used to rotate the intake cam shaft, including internal and external gears, and camshaft oil control valve to control the oil’s path. Depending on the order from the ECU, the oil control valve will flow hydraulic oil to the controller sooner or later. Depending on the operating status of the engine, the intelligent system will soon, delay the delivery time or maintain the current gas distribution time.

VVT intelligent intake system - optimal fuel economy iVVT intelligent intake system – optimal fuel economy i

Advantages of the intelligent VVT fueling system help reduce fuel consumption, reducing emissions to the environment. Because thanks to the sensor to measure the concentration of residual oxygen in the exhaust manifold to identify the optimal ratio of fuel burned and adjust the fuel feeding mode. Currently, Toyota has widely applied VVT-i intelligent charging technology on medium-sized models with small and medium engine designs.

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