Learn more from Cannes Lions with 3 questions

Sometimes asking questions is also a way to gain valuable lessons.

* Written by Josh Feldman, he is Executive Vice President cum Head of Marketing & Advertising Creative of NBCUniversal.

Advertising industry always leads the way. We’re constantly pursuing and shaping the next “big ideas,” but in the evolving technology world and changing viewer habits, the most important thing is often forgotten: Story.

That’s why Cannes Lions is so important – because this is a place to honor brand stories. Moreover, Cannes Lions is the common home (at least for a few days) for the most creative minds in the world. So, if you think of Cannes Lions just to find answers, you will miss a lot.

The Cannes Lions Creative Festival is an opportunity for us to listen and learn from people who are changing the way advertising industry designs and shares stories.

Cannes Lions not only honors the best storytelling practices over the past year; but also the inspiration for next year and for building the future together.

Here are 3 main questions that people should ask:

How can technology help us tell better stories?

If anyone doubts that technology will change advertising, all you need to do is look around the Cannes Lions. Nowadays there are many ways for marketers to connect with audiences; More platforms, more data to consider. Although the impact of technology is undeniable, there is a basic fact that technology cannot completely replace creative ideas in advertising.

The strong point of technology is promoting creativity, it makes creative ideas more attractive. For example, we can use AI to analyze scenarios to determine the most appropriate angles for advertising. That is not turning creativity into algorithms; It’s using algorithms to take creativity to the next level.

How do we use content creators to better tell brand stories?

If we learn anything from the four decades of Saturday Night Live (which is an American live broadcast show, here celebrities share their experiences to help viewers get their songs valuable learning), the magic happens when you bring talented people together. And if the 16 previous seasons of The Voice taught us anything, then that peerless talent can inspire the creative people who work with them.

So we invited some Hollywood celebrities to share their knowledge and opinions to the creative community. The interesting thing is that this cooperation goes beyond the Cannes Lions framework. When brand marketers are connected with high-class actors, producers, authors, and designers, they can open up countless possibilities for brands and storytellers.

Lorne Michaels is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry at Cannes Lions. Photo: The hollywood reporter.

How to improve advertising and brand experience to tell better stories?

Not long ago, the biggest improvement in TV advertising at that time was switching to 15-second ads instead of 30 seconds. Thankfully, those days are over. Now, we are reshaping advertising and brand experience, to invest and develop storytelling resources in a variety of ways.

However, no one is deluding that we are about to reach the threshold. Opposite; Many are excited to partner with the creative community to develop the next generation of innovation. After all, Cannes Lions is not just for honoring the best storytelling of the past year; but also to inspire next year’s best storytelling and build the future together.

Phuong Anh / Brands Vietnam
* Source: Josh Feldman / Adweek


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