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Learn more about CIC – What is the National Credit Information Center, for what to do

In the article instructing to check the personal credit rating through the CIC app, many brothers tried and satisfied, but a few commenters doubted the authenticity of the software, saying that Software for obtaining personal information of various types. Even someone claiming to be a bank texting me told me to remove the post because the article provided false information!?!

I would like to confirm with you that my article is very good, the software introduced is the main software of Vietnam National Credit Information Center – State Bank.

I have had the good fortune to talk to Mr. Binh – Deputy General Director of CIC with some of his brothers and sisters at CIC Center, please record and share with you always.

CIC is a unit of the State Bank of Vietnam. CIC has been established for 20 years and has just celebrated its 20th anniversary in September.

CIC Center is a bridge for banks and credit institutions have grounds to verify credit of individuals or organizations.

You can understand that before you make a loan, apply for a loan, open a credit card, the banks or credit institutions will check your information to see if you are eligible for a loan. capital, sufficient to qualify for a credit card.

CIC's mission is to request banks and credit lenders to submit documents to CIC every month so that they can update the list of customers who have loans or credits. From this information, CIC will review, classify and arrange the location as well as give credit scores to individuals and organizations.

CIC is very important for banks as well as borrowers. Thanks to CIC, the bank has a database of customer credit ratings. And for customers, the CIC check helps understand their credit rating, thereby better financial management.

2. Where is the CIC center? which address? On the Internet, which address?

Actual address of CIC center:
Address: Số 10 Quang Trung, Hà Đông, Hà Nội City
Phone: 19001082

Email: htkh@creditinfo.org.vn

There are 2 web addresses on the CIC website:

first. https://cic.org.vn/: This site has existed for a long time and is a familiar address of all credit institutions. Credit institutions query credit information about customers via this channel. You can find information about CIC at this address.

2. https://cic.gov.vn: This is a new and current portal dedicated to the connection between supply and demand of credit between credit institutions and borrowers. This portal has been published and operated on a pilot basis since September 2015, mainly assisting customers in checking their creditworthiness and exploiting their credit reports.

From July 6, 2019, CIC officially operated the Portal https://cic.gov.vn with the role of intermediating the connection between supply and demand of credit, aiming to: assist customers in searching and selecting products. match the credit, then register your credit needs; help credit institutions find customers easily, effectively and meet the legal capital needs of people and businesses.

Through this channel, CIC aims to improve the ability of people and businesses to access credit, thereby reducing informal credit channels (including black credit). Helping people in need of loans to quickly contact capital sources of banks, prestigious credit institutions, low interest rates, high preferences, etc. and so on.

3. Is the information you provide for CiCB app for iOS and Android safe?

I would immediately confirm that the information you provide to the CiCB application on your phone, or provide the information on the website cic.gov.vn is completely safe and confidential.

Why is it confidential?

Firstly, the CIC Center has all of your information. Currently, CIC has information of 45 million Vietnamese people related to credit institutions. Do you borrow bank money? You already have information on CIC. Do you open a credit card? You already have information on CIC.

Information related to loans such as collaterals, loan contracts, etc. Credit institutions are responsible for reporting to CIC.

CIC even has your information through partners like post and telecommunications etc. and so on. If you are an adult over the age of 18, it is likely CIC already has your information.

So why do you have to provide ID, portrait photos for the software when accessing information?

These requirements are for your own protection !!! The center needs to make sure that the person who is looking for the information that is authentic is the owner, but there is no way to investigate, so you need to verify your identity, you are the person that name, ID number that to gain access.

4. Why does CIC center provide software and make portal cic.gov.vn?

I would like to record some reasons why the State Bank of Vietnam and the CIC Center make the information portal and software on the phone:

a. CIC Center wants to help customers easily find and choose the right product package. If you access the software or go to cic.gov.vn, you will be able to get nearly 600 product packages for loan needs, from car loans to motorbike loans, student loans, etc. and etc., each product has detailed information about interest rates, loan terms, preferential policies … to help customers find out before deciding to borrow.

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b. CIC Center helps users check their information through the exploitation of credit reports; If detecting errors or inaccuracies or updates, Customer may request CIC to update identification information (ID / CCCD number, phone number, address, email …), or send a complaint if I no loan or anything but check to see if there is, there is a risk of someone stealing information to do bad things.

Circular 03 of the State Bank of Vietnam stipulates that customers are free to look up their own credit report once a year. However, in reality, CIC is implementing 100% free, has not collected any fee since the pilot implementation started from 2015 to the present.

Hopefully this article helps you better understand CIC and do not hesitate to use CIC's services.

This article is also long, see you one more post to explain more about the CIC Center and the products they provide.

Happy brothers and sisters.

You can learn more about CIC center and products at: https://cic.org.vn/ and https://cic.gov.vn

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