Learn how Google Location History works
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Learn how Google Location History works

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When the geolocation feature is activated on your Android smartphone, your movements can be recorded by Google. Your location history can then be accessed using the Google Location History service. Learn more about this Google feature.

  • Accessing Google Location History

  • Using Google Location History

  • Additional Google Location History features

    • Export the data

    • Delete your location history

Accessing Google Location History

To open Google Location History, just click here. You will see a map and, in the upper left corner of the screen, the Timeline, with all your trips divided by day.

A short tutorial teaches you how to use the platform. Of course, only your displacements made with the cell phone with GPS on will be displayed.

Using Google Location History

The interface consists of two tools: a calendar and a map. To access the history, select the desired period in the timeline. You can mark a specific day or select any period between two and 30 days:

The map offers the already known functions of Google Maps: visualization on map or satellite image, more or less zoom, among others. According to the chosen period, the map is updated with points indicating each registered position. Distances are calculated based on the starting point:

On the map, Google Location History provides a view as a timeline of the set of trips recorded by day, hour by hour, or even minute by minute. Each point corresponds to a specific position and time at which that position was recorded.

Additional Google Location History features

Export the data

Google Location History allows you to export your data in KML format to save on your computer. To do this, select the day or period you want to export and click on the gear icon bottom left and then Export this day to KML:

Define the folder where the file will be stored and confirm the export by clicking To save. If you want to save all your location data at once, a simple solution is to use Google Takeout. Here’s how to use this tool.

Delete your location history

Location history can be easily deleted. To do this, click on the gear icon and now select Delete all location history:

In the window in the center of the screen, check the box confirming your intention and delete by clicking Delete location history:

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