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Learn about Xiaomi's calling products: born from the wishes of users

Surely you have seen products without the Xiaomi logo, but have added this brand to a certain product line. It could be a smart fan with Wi-Fi, self-contained trash or lots of household products as well as many other fun things. So we find out the introduction of these products and the relevance of Xiaomi for those products.

Mi Crowdfunding is Xiaomi's capital project team. Some start-up group if you have an idea of ​​a product that can call user capital on xiaomiyoupin. If you are a fan of Xiaomi home appliances, then you can easily see projects calling for products with progress to perform the percentage expression. If the projects are called about 100%, it is successful. The capital of these projects comes from users who can pay to own the item as soon as it sells.

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Shaving price is 39.9 Yuan, equivalent to about 140,000 VND. The calling rate has exceeded 14000%.

Of course, the price of commercial products when mass-produced may be higher, but the price of the pre-purchase will always be the level you paid. One drawback of Youpin is that this site only accepts payment by service from China (looks like Alipay).

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Positioning the products calling capital on Mi Home application (Chinese server), it is easy to be tempted here when controlling Xiaomi's smart home device.

On the Mi Home application with the Chinese server, you will see an icon of the store access to the website selling products online. If accessed by the browser, it has the link xiaomiyoupin.com. This is considered a business website for all Xiaomi products and partner brands. Brands sold on this site may be very familiar such as Philips (lights), Sony (headphones) or Karcher (pressure washers). The rest are brands called Xiaomi crowdfunding: fundraising products are born from user requests.


On youpin there are about 200 crowdfunding brands. In particular, there are some brands that have successfully launched products outside China such as Yeelight (lamp), Yi camera, ZMI (backup battery, charger, cable), Aqara smart home solution, Ninebot balance … Crowdfunding brands are mainly produced for the domestic market, so they are often offered by retail channels through taobao, aliexpress … As mentioned, buying directly on xiaomiyoupin is not easy.

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A showroom of youpin, all kinds of Xiaomi products, Mi Crowdfunding.

As a user connection channel, Xiaomi can consider investing in that product development team and then co-produce the product on the Mi Store distribution channel in many different countries. While youpin is currently only encapsulated in the Chinese market. Customers who buy youpin products from other countries are mostly due to retail channels that sell themselves out of the territory.

Of course, not every product in Mi Store in the countries has the Mi or Mijia logo. Take, for example, the Mijia logo sockets that will have Mi's name on the product. However, some sockets are available with Mi's name but they are produced by third parties (crowdfunding). The products available on Mi Store in many countries will definitely be on youpin, and the youpin product won't cover the Mi Store stores. That's why Xiaomi distribution channels in Vietnam such as mivn.store or mihouse cannot have the entire range of products sold on youpin.

If you are a fan of Xiaomi home appliances group, you can look to buy at stores specializing in selling Xiaomi items (actually many of you already know, I did not introduce it to say it is advertising). If you buy yourself, you can go to aliexpress.com and choose to ship directly to Vietnam, the price under 2 million with warehouse from China is exempt from customs.

Some items of Xiaomi Crowfunding group that Delicate was on hand:

Built-in battery light – Coowoo

Shavers – Zhibai SL2

Face washing machine – InFace


Trash can – Townew

Screw repair kit – Wiha


Universal phone with 4G – Qin 1S

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaowa

Battery-powered fan – Solove F5


USB-C cables lightning – ZMI AL870

On hand iPhone / iPad quick charger cable from Xiaomi: support PD, 2 ports, MFi, price under 500k

Please introduce to you the fast charging cable set for iPhone and iPad with ZMI USB-C cable for lightning and charging 1A1C from Xiaomi. This is a set of combos with very high prices …


Battery-powered fan – Smartmi (gen1)

Xiaomi smart fan: compact, connected to smartphone, with 2800mAh battery

After a rice cooker and smart kettle, the next home appliance product sold by Xiaomi is smart fan, Mi Smart Fan. This is a product …


Mop vibrates

Xiaomi hand mop hand: Probably not really useful in Vietnam

My grandparents said "divination to ghosts, sweeping the house to the garbage" I would like to add to the next section "clean the house, then go to the sand". Xiaomi's mop will also wipe out sandy soil, …


Balance car Ninebot Plus

Bike UMA Yunbike C1

CCTV XiaoFang

Action camera Yi Camera 4K

Hairdryer Soocas H3S

Microphone singing karaoke, recording, live stream JUNLIN

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