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Learn about virtual assistant Google Assistant on TV

Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant that has been developed by Google, a brand that is not too far away from everyone. Google Assistant provides a more convenient user experience, and is an effective tool to assist users. The current smartphones are supported with this useful feature, now the virtual assistant feature Google Assistant has been integrated into the Android TV series. With Phong Vu, learn about virtual assistant Google Assistant on TV? and extremely useful applications for users through the article below

Can Google Assistant on TV be unknown?

Google Assistant is available on popular operating systems such as iOS, Android, LG's WebOS, especially for Vietnamese support, suitable for all communication subjects easily, quickly access to information quickly. . Google Assistant is available on popular operating systems like iOS, Android, and LG's WebOS. Save time, increase interaction efficiency and make information search more accurate. A number of high-end Smart TV series are now integrated with Google Assistant, which is also integrated with AI artificial intelligence technology so that users can search for information by voice easily and smarter . In addition, users can easily control smart devices mounted in the family such as fans, air conditioners, lighting systems … Note that these devices support Google Assitant feature.

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Some outstanding applications of virtual assistant Google Assistant are available on television

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1 / Easily link favorite applications on TV:

Users often complain about how difficult it is to move and press each button on the Remote TV to access applications, searching for information like before is time-consuming and inconvenient for users like people. old. Users just need to click on the voice button on the control and enter the command in English or Vietnamese then the TV will receive and process as desired by the user.

Google Assistant on TV makes it easy for users to use with all subjects

2 / Solve simple maths, find extremely useful information:

This is a big revolution in technology instead of computers to calculate or search for information by smart phone, laptop, … Now users only need to read an operation plus subtract multiplication on Remote TV and TV. will handle extremely fast and will give accurate results. This feature is highly appreciated by users because it is both convenient for work and entertaining and family fun with the children on the weekends. Not only that, users can easily find more information about holidays, famous places, easily change units, find locations, or guide directions through Google Maps.

Google Assistant on TV helps frequency users enjoy entertainment with their family after working days

3 / Synchronized ecosystem in the use space:

Google Assistant allows users to easily control the TV in addition to being able to connect with many smart devices in the home such as smart lighting systems, air conditioning, automatic curtains, and from there you can Control commands for indoor devices right on your TV. (Products with built-in features)

Google Assistant syncs between products

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